Kerry Washington Dishes On ‘Scandal’

Kerry Washington recently sat down with H1′s Morning Buzz to discuss her role on the ABC drama ‘Scandal,’ a recently launched series that enjoyed a short, sweet first season.

The show, created by Shonda Rhines, features Olivia Pops (Washington), a powerhouse political fixer, with her powerful associates, which include President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant (Tony Goldwyn).

The first season is set to his Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow and Washington sat down to discuss the road so far, and also what will come in season 2, according to CNN.

UInterview notes that Washington dished on her character, saying:

“One of the things I really like about Olivia is her contradictions. It’s really challenge and fun for me as an actor to play somebody who, in her professional life, she’s completely put-together — she’s sophisticated and smart and in charge. But in her personal life she’s vulnerable and confused and torn. And it became very clear for me, early on, that Olivia is usually the smartest, most sophisticated person in every room.”

Kerry Washington also shared how she much prefers watching co-star Guillermo Diaz “torture” another actor instead of going through steamy scenes, like the one she shared with Goldwyn. CNN reports that the actress shared:

“That stuff is not fun, at all. Those are private moments. But that’s what acting is — it’s about… having the courage to allow your audience into the private moments of your characters’ lives. Those are difficult.”

When speaking about why everyone should buy the first season, Washington stated:

“If you haven’t seen it, you have to buy it to catch up before the second season because we are going to up the ante on the show and you want to meet these characters and get some of the back story so you can be on the ride with us from the beginning.”

Kerry Washington will join the rest of her “Scandal” co-stars for filming season 2 in July.

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