ISIS Crashed Plane Video: Russian Flight 9268 In Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula Downed By ISIS, Claims Islamic State Group [Graphic ISIS Video]

ISIS is claiming responsibility for downing the Metrojet flight that was attempting to fly from Egypt to St. Petersburg, reports Agence France-Presse. According to the publication ISIS has taken credit for the plane crash of the Russian jet carrying 224 souls aboard. Though the plane was split in two and ISIS claims it shot it down, Russian officials say there’s no indication that the Russian plane was shot down by ISIS.

There’s video of what ISIS claims is the doomed Russian plane being blown out of the sky.

Warning: The following ISIS video of the purported Russian plane crash might be disturbing to some viewers.

There is music that goes along with video, and the English translation from Arabic of the description shows ISIS taking credit for the Russian plane crash.

The Organization Publishes The Video Clip Says That For Projecting At

There were no survivors in the tragic Russian plane crash, with horrific reports of children onboard who also lost their lives in the tragedy that ISIS is now gloating over.

According to USA Today, there were 17 children – from the ages of 2-years-old to 17-years-old – aboard the Russian plane with 224 aboard when it crashed with no survivors. Photos of grieving, shocked, and worried parents and loved ones have streamed into the news as ISIS says it took down the plane. It is unknown if the video being distributed by ISIS actually shows footage of the Russian plane being taken down by ISIS on Saturday with a bomb or over-the-shoulder rocket launcher, or if the plane crash footage is from a different attack – but the video indeed seems to show a large jet being hit with an explosion that was captured on video. A black stream of smoke follows the plane after the explosion is shown.

isis [Image via Twitter showing purported ISIS plane crash video of Russian jet]On Twitter, folks are debating whether or not ISIS would have the range necessary for weapons to reach the jet at the heights it traveled when it disappeared from radar screens exactly 23 minutes after takeoff. Certain observers believe that it’s possible ISIS could’ve indeed felled the Russian plane.

A search for “ISIS” and “plane” on Twitter turns up debates over the motive for ISIS taking down the Russian airliner early Saturday. It was an Airbus A-321 that had seven of the plane’s crew members aboard, along with the 217 passengers that left the Red Sea resort area from Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt when it went down 23 minutes later.

The crashed plane has brought on varying reports of voices being heard from within the plane, despite reports of all souls onboard perishing. The black box has reportedly been found as well. Egypt’s Sinai peninsula is a popular resort town, and the plane left the tourist spot en route to to St. Petersburg when it disappeared.

The Russian embassy confirmed via Twitter that all souls onboard the doomed flight that ISIS says it felled lost their lives.

“Unfortunately, all passengers of flight 7K9268 Sharm el-Sheikh-Petersburg were killed. We express our condolences to the family and friends.”

There are ISIS-related insurgents that are active in parts of Sinai, but there is yet to emerge confirmation that ISIS crashed the Russian plane.

According to CNN, the Russian plane crash in Egypt’s Sinai carried lots of folks returning from vacation, mostly Russians.

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