Priscilla Presley: Being With Elvis Cost Me My Youth

Priscilla Presley was married to the late, great Elvis Presley for six years. Priscilla met Presley when he was stationed in Germany during his army service. Priscilla was just 14-years-old at the time. Priscilla's parents were less than happy about their daughter's relationship with Presley, who was 10-years her senior. After Presley returned to the U.S., Priscilla did not believe she would see him again but the couple stayed in touch by telephone and eventually her parents allowed her to visit him in the U.S.

Priscilla was allowed to visit Presley on a number of occasions and in 1963 she relocated, permanently, to live with Elvis at Gracelands. Priscilla and Elvis married in Las Vegas in 1967 and divorced in 1973. Despite the divorce, Priscilla and Elvis remained on good terms until Elvis died of heart failure in 1977.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley
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Presley's death at just 42-years-old has spawned a host of conspiracy theories and just about every aspect of Presley's life and untimely death has been scrutinized since he passed away. As a result, it is unusual for any unknown information about Presley to emerge. However, the Huffington Post reports that new information was revealed this week when Priscilla Presley was interviewed by Jonathan Ross for his ITV chat show.

During the interview, Priscilla revealed how she spoke with Presley just before his death. Sensationally, Priscilla explained how she felt that her teenage years were lost as a result of living in the shadow of her superstar husband.

"I was kind of lost really in who I was earlier in my life, I really didn't have teenage years, I learnt so much about him and was with him so much that I thought the way he did, I knew what he liked, what he didn't like, I knew his thoughts, I knew everything as far as you could possibly do when you live together at such a young age."
Priscilla admits that she has become more comfortable with her own thoughts and experiences and is now better able to understand her life with Presley. Priscilla is now more confident in being able to discuss life as Mrs. Elvis Presley.

Priscilla Presley
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According to the Daily Mail, Priscilla revealed that Presley had an unnatural fear of germs and as a result Elvis hated to socialize in other people's homes or in restaurants because he hated to use cutlery that had been used by others.

"He never liked to go to people's homes to eat because didn't like eating with other people's silverware, so he would take his own silverware."

"He didn't like drinking out of cups that other people had drunk out of, even restaurants or other people's homes. So when he drank, he would drink where the handle was, knowing that no one would ever drink at that side."

Priscilla revealed that she had spoken to Presley just a few days before his death because she was concerned about his health. OK! magazine reported that Presley insisted everything was fine and he was looking forward to going on tour. Priscilla was not convinced but didn't feel that she could push the issue.
"It was hard for anyone to do anything because ultimately it was his decision and he felt he was fine."
Priscilla admitted that she was "absolutely devastated" by Presley's death. Even now, after 38-years, Priscilla still finds it difficult to believe that Elvis died so young. Priscilla admitted that life experience allowed her to develop a much greater understanding about how difficult that Presley found life in the spotlight. One can only wonder how Presley would have coped with today's modes of instant communication.

Elvis Presley was undoubtedly the biggest star of his era, and the pressures were immense, but how much greater are the pressures in a world in which every move one makes can be instantly documented and shared around the globe in seconds?

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