Mysterious Illness Strikes Oklahoma Football Players, Teens Begin Passing Out On Field

Tara West

Six Oklahoma football players came down with a mysterious illness during a high school football game. The players allegedly began passing out and three were taken from the game by ambulance. The Owasso Rams Athletic Director, Zach Duffield, claims that six players came down with the mysterious illness while at an away game and were rushed to the hospital for medical care.

KTUL reports that the Owasso Rams were playing against a team in Mustang, Oklahoma, when the players began passing out on the field. The Owasso Athletic Director, Zach Duffield, claimed that doctors chalked it up to "severe dehydration" but that the diagnosis "didn't make sense" as it was the middle of the season and the players were drinking water. Duffield noted that 170-people were fed and given drinks on the ride to the football game, including parents and cheerleaders. However, it was only the players that got sick. Therefore, the meal on the bus ride was not a likely culprit for the mystery illness.

"We have considered everything. We have checked with vendors, our suppliers. We have had them run tests. We have asked mustang to run tests on their water in the locker room. We don't want this to happen again, to any kid."

"The worst phone call I can make is to someone tell them their child is an ambulance and headed to the hospital."
"Our amounts are not high. They are barely above what is considered the notification limits."

What do you think of the mystery illness that stuck down six Oklahoma football players? Do you think arsenic in the water could be to blame?

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