‘Dance Moms’ Lawsuits Resolved: Kelly Hyland, Abby Lee Miller And Show Put And End To Court Cases

After an intense year of drama and conflict, the Dance Moms lawsuits between Kelly Hyland and Abby Lee Miller have apparently been put to rest. Though things got very ugly with this one, it would appear that the resolution was ultimately fairly tame. What is the latest on this front?

As Dance Moms fans remember, things blew up during a confrontation between Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland in November 2013. The fight took place during Season 4 of the show as Kelly and Abby fought over a number Kelly’s daughter Brooke had been slated to do.

Kelly called Abby a bully and as things escalated, Abby charged toward Kelly. The two women yelled at one another and when Abby angrily jabbed her first toward Kelly’s face, Kelly responded by mimicking the move back at Abby. Miller made a gesture as if she was going to bite Kelly’s finger, and Hyland reached out to slap Abby’s face and pull her hair.

The two women continued to scream at one another as Nia’s mother Holly rushed the girls out of the room. Abby had the police called and the Hylands were never on the show again. The drama didn’t end there, though. Hyland faced criminal charges, and she filed a couple of lawsuits against those tied to the show for the treatment she alleges that her girls encountered during their time on Dance Moms.

The various cases have taken until now to be fully resolved. Hyland’s criminal case was resolved this past April. As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, the charges against Kelly were dismissed, although she had to participate in counseling and stay away from Abby.

Hyland filed two lawsuits against Miller and Collins Avenue Entertainment, alleging emotional distress and other issues, including breach of contract, defamation, and assault. Though Hyland was aiming quite high in what she wanted from these suits in terms of a monetary settlement, asking for $5 million in punitive damages via one component of the suits, things never really went her way.

The judge tossed out parts of the suits and now TMZ indicates that everything has finally been laid to rest with Kelly’s Dance Moms lawsuits. Did Kelly Hyland win the $5 million she had been seeking? Reports detail that when the dust settles, she will actually agree for this all to go away for far less.

Apparently Kelly agreed to drop her lawsuits and claims in return for the show repairing floors in her family home that had been damaged during the filming. The cost of those repairs is said to be about $17,500.

In return for the floor repairs and dropping the suits, Dance Moms gets to continue to use the family’s images in reruns of the show. In addition, Kelly and Abby have to publicly play relatively nice with one another, a task that will surely be a challenge for both sides.

While things ultimately played out quite well for Abby Lee Miller in this fiasco, she hasn’t said boo about it via her Twitter page. As much as the Dance Moms star would surely love to gloat about this essentially going her way on all fronts, it seems she’s taking the terms of the settlement seriously in this regard.

Kelly Hyland is also laying low on social media in terms of posting anything about the Dance Moms drama. Though in the days back when this all played out she tended to be very vocal about all that had transpired, these days she focuses on family updates and such on her social media pages. The Hylands are still very close to Christi and Chloe Lukasiak, who left Dance Moms soon after having their own conflicts with Abby, and fans do still love to see updates on the family.

Season 6 of Dance Moms is filming now, and it seems that Abby Lee Miller and the girls from Season 5 are all returning for more dancing and drama. Fans will have to hang tight for a bit yet regarding a firm premiere date, though the show typically begins new episodes the first Tuesday of each January.

Did Kelly Hyland make the right call in agreeing to this settlement? Was it right for Abby Lee Miller and the production company to get out of this without any consequences? Dance Moms fans definitely have their opinions on this one and they’re anxiously waiting to see what new sorts of drama comes up in the new season.

[Photo by Scott Gries/Lifetime]