UFO Blogger Spots ‘Baby Bear’ In NASA Mars Rover Photo, Alerts United Nations

Brown Bear Walks On Mars

An online UFO hunter plans to alert the United Nations to the discovery of a baby bear on Mars. According to the UFO hunter, a Mars rover photo shows a furry baby bear walking among rocks strewn on the Martian surface.

The bizarre Mars anomaly was first discovered in a NASA rover photo of the Gale Crater area of Mars by the alien UFO and Mars anomaly hunter Paranormal Crucible and uploaded to YouTube on October 23, 2015.

Although Paranormal Crucible identified the “animal” walking on Mars as a “hybrid rodent” of some sort and possibly a “prairie dog,” UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring identified it as a “baby bear.”

“A possible hybrid rodent has been found on the red planet by the mars curiosity rover,” Paranormal Crucible said. “The anomaly which was photographed near gale crater appears to show a small mammal type creature possibly a hybrid species of gundi or prairie dog.”

Refuting skeptics who suggested that the object in the photo was a Mars rock with an “interesting shape,” Waring argued that it was a living creature because it clearly has “hair.”

The shadows around the body of the object also show furry hair, according to Waring. This indicates that it could not be a lifeless rock but a living, warm, furry animal.

“This creature has real hair as seen from the shadows around its body. That means it’s not a statue, but a living creature.”

Baby Bear On Mars

Going by the claims of Mars anomaly hunters, Mars is home to a wide variety of Earth-like species, including reptiles, mammals, and advanced humanoid species. While the latest discovery may seem outlandish, it is a routine discovery for Mars anomaly hunters.

The alleged profusion of evidence of life on Mars has caused some online alien and UFO hunters to suggest that NASA could be engaged in a secret science project that involves placing Earth animals on Mars as part of a classified scientific research effort.

Waring had suggested that NASA could be transplanting Earth life forms to Mars in preparation for establishment of a human colony.

“With water existing on Mars in small amounts, it’s possible to find such desert animals wandering around… although very rare mind you. Then again, is NASA placing animals from tiny cyogenic chambers inside the rover onto the surface of Mars to conduct tests?”

Brown Bear Walks On Mars

The UFO blogger argues that NASA is aware of the existence of advanced life forms on Mars but has devised several clever stratagems for concealing the truth from unwary viewers. A cover-up technique, according to Waring, is publishing rover photos of the Martian terrain in monochrome. This helps to hide interesting and unusual features in Curiosity and Opportunity rover photos of the Martian surface.

“There is a reason NASA puts photos into black and white. To hide the living creatures and plants that are an obvious color.”

Waring said he plans to alert the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon about the latest important discovery, but he admits that UN response in the past to his messages suggests that officials think he is “off his rocker.”

“I often alert them about these amazing discoveries, but as of yet have gotten only one answer, which was him asking me to send it to the @UN account and not his @SecGen account, then another general at the UN followed me that same day… apparently worried I was off my rocker.”

Worried that the UN is missing the “truth” by ignoring his messages, Waring appealed to his fans to help him convince the UN about the earth-shaking discoveries of online UFO hunters.

But UN officials would likely take the advice of experts who believe that the alleged anomalies in rover photos are due to a psycho-cognitive phenomenon termed pareidolia, described as the tendency of the pattern recognition faculties of the human brain to detect familiar patterns in otherwise meaningless jumble of data.

[Images via Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Daily]