Cardi B Shares Adorable Snaps Of Baby Kulture, '11 Months And I Can't Handle It'

Cardi B might flaunt her body in itsy-bitsy outfits, but this rapper is a different story when it comes to family snaps. The "Money Bag" star isn't one to post daily Instagram updates of her daughter – Cardi has mostly been keeping Kulture Kiari Cephus out of sight ever since she was born last year.

On June 10, Cardi updated her Instagram. The pictures didn't show the rapper's eye-popping cleavage. They didn't show a slew of Hermès bags. Today seems to be all about her baby girl.

The first snap shows Kulture lying in a cozy setting. She's surrounded by soft blankets in pastel mauves. Her pink, gray, and white outfit likewise seems comfortable. Looking away from the camera and holding a pair of shades, this 11-month-old looks happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Cardi took to her caption to gush about her baby. Well, that and a few setbacks. For Cardi, seeing her daughter reach the 11-month mark is proving a touch overwhelming. Cardi referenced being "emotional." That said, she repeatedly confirmed that she's doing okay. Love was also sent out to Cardi's boyfriend and father to Kulture, Offset.

A major star posting a rare snap of her baby is going to rake in the comments.

"Same Feeling!! With My Son," one fan wrote.

"Cutie just like her mammmmi...offset is def her daddy omy" was another comment.

Elsewhere, fans commented that Kulture resembles Cardi's sister Hennessy Carolina – the comparison has been made by Cardi herself in the past.

Cardi followed the shot up with another snap of her daughter. This one showed little Kulture seated in an adorable white dress with a red-and-green collar. Given the string of emojis left by Cardi in the caption, this is one mother who cannot get enough of her baby girl.

Cardi is mostly spotted out and about without her daughter. Unlike Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner (who parade the streets with their little ones), Cardi takes on a cagey approach to putting her child in the spotlight. While this star will gush about Kulture in interviews, taking to Instagram with snaps of her baby is a rarity. Clearly, for fans of Cardi's little girl, today is their lucky day.

Comments to the second picture likewise sent the mother of one the thumbs-up.

"Jesus mama! She's so scrumptious," one fan wrote.

"Aww kulture" were another fan's words.

Cardi has 45.4 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by music mega-stars including Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, and Rita Ora among others.