October 28, 2015
WWE Rumors: A Former Shield Member Is Turning Heel And The Tag Team WWE Wants Fans To Forget

When WWE doesn't actually know what to do with a superstar, it can end up being a good thing or a really bad thing. Sometimes, it brings about change that can add a new spark for their career and help them turn a corner. The bad news is that if WWE can't find anything, it could lead to their release. That's why former member of The Shield, Dean Ambrose, may soon be turning heel and why WWE wants Los Matadores to be completely forgotten about.

During the summer, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were partnered up on TV a lot. When Ambrose was going after Seth Rollins and the WWE Title, Reigns always had his back. At the time, the rumor was that Reigns would end up turning heel and cost his friend the WWE Title when he challenged Rollins for it.

Now, the rumors are back, but the roles are reversed.

What Culture is reporting that WWE really has nothing to do with Ambrose at the time and his proposed big push as a big-time face while John Cena is out, is no more. As both Reigns and Rollins are in the main event scene together now, this would be the best place for Dean Ambrose to make a heel turn and cost his friend the title.

dean ambrose heel turn wwe rumors
Photo by WWE

On this week's Monday Night Raw, there were a few backstage segments where Ambrose was talking to Reigns. He kept wishing him luck and firing him up for the Fatal 4-Way main event and being incredibly supportive.

Almost too supportive.

This is almost a clear sign in the world of wrestling that a heel turn is coming. It didn't happen when it was Reigns showing massive support for Ambrose in his feud with Rollins, but it seems almost too obvious not to happen this time.

Not only would this give Dean Ambrose something to do, but it would also rejuvenate his character and get him back in the spotlight. Many fans agree that he was at his best when he was delivering the sinister promos and working as a wild-eyed heel.

wwe rumors los matadores new gimmick repackaged
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A couple of months ago, there was talk going around that Los Matadores were going to be repackaged and given a brand new gimmick. Before disappearing from WWE television, the team turned heel on their manager/mascot El Torito and beat him up before being taken out by the Dudley Boyz.

Now, WWE wants fans to forget that Los Matadores ever even existed.

As the tag division in WWE has begun thriving and turned important once again, Los Matadores are nowhere to be found. According to WrestleZone, WWE is keeping them off of television on purpose so that fans "forget" about the gimmick entirely.

It is not known what kind of new gimmick they will get when they're repackaged, but rumors had them being aligned with a returning Carlito. His return hasn't ended up happening either yet, but anything is still possible.

At this time, it isn't known when WWE will bring Los Matadores back to television or who they will even be when they do return. Word has it that the company wants to get them away from the comedy gimmick and turn them into more of a serious heel team.

Los Matadores will no longer be known as such. Dean Ambrose apparently on his way to experiencing a full-fledged heel turn. When WWE doesn't really know what to do with you, it's either find a new way to be relevant and reinvented or you end up off of television, without a job, and forgotten entirely.

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