WWE Rumors: Main Event Star May Turn Heel And Join The Authority At ‘Money In The Bank’

The ending of the main event at WWE Elimination Chamber was quite strange and looked at as a “Dusty (Rhodes) Finish.” Dean Ambrose got the clean victor over Seth Rollins for the WWE Title, but Rollins got to keep the belt due to it being a disqualification. Now, they will have a rematch at Money in the Bank, but their former teammate in The Shield could turn heel and cost Ambrose the title.

Money in the Bank is in just two weeks, and the main event was announced on Monday Night Raw tonight. At the beginning of the show, The Authority ordered Dean Ambrose out to return the WWE Title, but instead, Roman Reigns came out for his “friend” Dean.

Reigns says he is out there to speak for his friend and demands a rematch for him against Rollins at Money in the Bank. Rollins isn’t too thrilled at The Authority speaking for him and accepts the proposed ladder match for the title.

Reigns siding with Ambrose is not totally out of the question as they were a part of The Shield for a long time. Something just seems quite off about the whole thing, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

It’s really as if WWE is setting up Roman Reigns to turn heel, cost Ambrose the title, and join The Authority.

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At Elimination Chamber, there was a backstage segment where Triple H told Reigns that Ambrose would be disqualified if he interfered. Many on social media thought that Reigns was going to turn heel last night.

Instead, he came out to help Ambrose after the match and was way too happy about his “friend” stealing the WWE Title. He starts off Raw by demanding a title rematch for him at Money in the Bank.

It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless there will be two weeks of build up followed by Reigns turning on Dean Ambrose.

It’s obvious that the whole main event babyface gig isn’t quite panning out for Roman Reigns, and that was obvious when the majority of the crowd turned on him for Brock Lesnar. Christian Today believes that either Ambrose or Reigns could turn heel, but Ambrose is one of the top faces in WWE now, and turning him makes no sense.

The next two weeks will have Reigns being built up as a really close friend of Dean Ambrose, and that’s simply going to lead to bad things for the “Lunatic Fringe.” Rumors have a heel turn coming, and it looks like Reigns will be the one to do it and join The Authority.

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