Watch 3rd Video Of Ben Fields Flipping Student In Chair, Which Sheriff Leon Lott Claims Shows Girl Punching Fields [Third Video]

Several videos of Deputy Ben Fields flipping over a Spring Valley High School student in her chair and dragging her across the classroom floor have emerged, along with a 3rd video at the center of the controversy. A reported 3rd video claims to show the student fighting back, even though it’s unclear what “3rd video” is being discussed, and if that supposed 3rd video has even been released to the public. The first versions of the Fields’ videos seen on social media were from different vantage points in the math class, with some closer than others.

Warning: The actions of Deputy Fields shown in the below video can be disturbing to some viewers.

The above GIF video is likely the 3rd video in question, with Heavy reporting the 3rd video having the best angle of Fields’ attack on the student, whom classmate Niya Kenny says was only about 5-feet 6-inches tall against Deputy Ben’s “300 pounds of muscle,” as reported by the Inquisitr.

As reported by NBC, Sheriff Leon Lott claims that a 3rd video exists that shows the unnamed student punching Fields or flailing at Deputy Ben as Fields flips over her chair. However, the publication notes that it isn’t clear if Sheriff Lott is referring to a 3rd video that’s already been released to the public, or some other mysterious 3rd video that the public hasn’t yet seen. Either way, Lott claims that the 3rd video will also be used as evidence as part of the investigation by Internal Affairs into what really happened when Deputy Fields assaulted the unnamed student and caused injuries, as reported by the Associated Press.

If the above video from NBC is the alleged 3rd video of which Lott speaks, it is fast, and it is unclear if the student is directly punching at Fields. The publication notes that at least three videos have been published of Deputy Fields’ altercation with the student, who reportedly suffered the wrath of Fields when she refused to turn over her phone after texting in math class, reports the Associated Press. The above video appears to be the closest one to the incident of all three videos that have been published online.

As reported by WLTX, one of the students who took the video of Fields as he sat in the front of the class said Deputy Ben was wrong for his actions, but the unnamed videographer also says that the student was wrong. He said that the students in the class warned the girl to leave when the administrator came in, but she refused, and when Fields was on the way, he pulled out his phone to begin taking video. The student then posted his video on Instagram.

The 3rd video is mysterious because searches for 3rd video and “third video Ben fields” on Twitter’s video feed do indeed turn up the video of what’s being called the 3rd video with the best vantage point on Fields’ actions. In that third video, the student can be seen flailing and perhaps trying to punch at Fields, but it’s after Deputy Ben is already in the process of flipping over her chair, so debate exists over whether the teenage girl is actually punching and hitting Fields or trying to get him to stop flipping her in the chair.

Despite what the 3rd video purports to show, online outrage still exists over the notion that Deputy Ben can’t be racist because Fields is dating a black woman, as reported by the New York Daily News.

[Image via 3rd video on Twitter]

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