Ben Fields Video, #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh: Spring Valley High School Resource Officer Throws Girl In Chair To Ground, Drags Her In Class [Graphic Video]

Ben Fields is the name of a school resource officer at Spring Valley High School featured in a disturbing new video that’s going viral on social media. As reported by Heavy, Ben goes by mjtruth23 on Twitter, an account that has been deleted. In the video, Fields can be seen initially talking to a young African-American student, and then Officer Ben is seen slamming the girl over on the floor, while she still sits in her chair. Next, Fields drags the girl along the floor as the students react, some quietly, some louder in longer versions of the viral video.

WARNING: This video contains strong language. Discretion is advised.

On Twitter, the search term “Ben Fields” shows a plethora of tweets popping up with Fields’ name likely turning into a trending topic soon. According to Twitter, #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh just started trending.

As reported by WISTV, Fields is a school resource officer whose behavior in the video has caused officials at Spring Valley High School and the sheriff’s deputies at Richland County to launch an investigation into the events that led to the attack. Reportedly, Officer Ben’s help was enlisted after the student allegedly refused to leave the classroom, but details about why the student needed to leave the classroom aren’t clear at this time.

Another version of the viral video showing Fields’ actions has been posted online at WISTV, with the graphic and raw second version of the video showing a new angle of the confrontation. The school resource officer, Fields, and the Spring Valley student can be seen from a new angle, and Officer Ben can be heard threatening to place another Spring Valley High School student in jail next. Others are asking Fields what the student did to deserve such treatment. In the lengthier video clip from a different Spring Valley High School student, part of the footage goes dark during certain moments, as if the student was trying to hide the fact that they were videotaping the incident.

Officer Fields can be heard verbalizing his power against another student at Spring Valley High School in the also-viral video clip.

“I’ll put you in jail next”

As expected, such violence occurring at Spring Valley High School has caused quite a bit of buzz online, with some students writing on social media that they want Fields fired for his actions. Others are spreading information about Officer Ben’s social media accounts, supervisors and more.

Google still has the cache of the Ben Fields Twitter account, which was located @mjtruth23 and described Fields’ occupation and more.
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“Richland county deputy sheriff, football coach (defensive line) strength coach at Spring Valley High School. And all i can be all the time! Columbia, SC – Joined May 2012”

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On Facebook, people are sharing the Fields video galore. The video is indeed shocking, since Officer Ben’s actions against the Spring Valley High School student raise more questions than the video answers. Folks want to know what a high school student could’ve done to deserve such treatment, and if Fields could’ve found a better way to subdue a student who was simply sitting in her chair. In the longer video, Officer Ben can be heard telling the student to put her hands behind her back so that Fields could cuff her.

“Ok this just happened at Spring Valley high school I’m confused also I am not the original video person saw this on Instagram and wanted to share.”

Spring Valley High School officials have confirmed to the public that the melee between Ben and the unnamed Spring Valley High School student did in fact occur on Monday, October 26. However, they did not release more details about the incident.

“Sadly #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh would NOT have happened if the student were white. Ben Fields must be fired immediately. This is deplorable.”

What is known is that the Spring Valley High School student was reportedly told she was under arrest. Reports of the girl Fields slammed to the ground, say she was put under arrest for disturbing school and not following instructions. Claims of the student resisting arrest are being combated by those who want Fields let go due to the way Officer Ben wrapped his arm around her neck and slammed her to the ground.

“The video then shows the student resisting and being arrested by the SRO.”

Spring Valley High School parents are reacting, strongly, to the viral video.

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