‘RHOC’ Reunion Shocks, From Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Blasting Brooks Ayers To Real Housewives OMGs [Photos]

The Real Housewives Of Orange County (RHOC) reunions have become known for their drama. But with Season 10, viewers anticipated that the RHOC reunion, divided into three parts and hosted by the dapper Andy Cohen, would become extra-explosive from the multiple shockers that have occurred, ranging from Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and the RHOC cast accusations that he was lying about cancer to Shannon Beador’s drama over her husband’s affair. And when the second part of the RHOC reunion aired, the OMG shock of what Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson, had to say about Brooks surpassed even those expectations, reported Us Weekly.

And that wasn’t the only surprise. Shannon decided that the RHOC reunion was the perfect time to dish on her decision to have a colonic at home, which turned out to be, ahem, rather messy. Gunvalson, famed as the OG (Old Girl) of the RHOC, and Tamra Judge, aired their confession about the meaning of a “circle jerk.”

Tamra Judge contemplates her own reality at the RHOC reunion.
Tamra Judge contemplates her own reality at the RHOC reunion. (Image via Bravo)

In addition, Heather Dubrow took the opportunity to discuss her feeling that spending $635,000 on kitchen cabinets for her increasingly lavish new mansion belonged in the category of “everything’s relative,” meaning it wasn’t excessive. Andy Cohen offered up his own controversial comment with the suggestion that he purchase the two frozen embryos that Dubrow had, while Briana won for the biggest OMG of the RHOC reunion.

While Cohen usually keeps quiet except to ask questions, control excessive screaming matches, and attempt occasionally to stop Real Housewives from getting so real mad that they walk off the set, Andy apparently was unable to control his own enthusiasm at the entrance of Jim Edmonds, the famed sports hero married to Meghan King Edmonds. It was clear that while Jim was there to talk marriage, Cohen longed for a good chat about baseball.

Jim Edmonds gets fangirled by Andy Cohen.
Did Andy Cohen fangirl over Jim Edmonds at the RHOC reunion? (Image via Bravo)

Instead, Andy restrained himself and questioned whether it was more difficult being wed to a baseball player or to an RHOC cast star. Meghan opined that Jim’s role as a husband was more challenging.

“This is our actual reality on television and baseball is just his job,” she reasoned.

But although that seemed relatively amicable, tempers flared when Jim claimed he did not tell Brooks that the initial months of his marriage to Meghan was difficult.

Meghan Edmonds awaits a response.
Is it difficult being married to Meghan King Edmonds? Her husband answered that question at the reunion. (Image via Bravo)

“So I have to clarify. I misspoke on two months,” admitted Orange County’s OG. “It was, ‘We had a couple of situations.’ I used ‘a couple of months’ inappropriately, so I apologize.”

However, Meghan accused her of lying, to which she received a clarification that it was “misspoken” as opposed to lies.

Heather then solicited another apology from the OG of the OC by revealing that when Tamra wore a strap-on to her sex party, Gunvalson made a cruel comment about Tamra.

“No wonder they’re taking her kids away,” she snarked to Heather.

Dubrow shared her ire, and Tamra became tearful.

Tears seem to have become an inevitable part of RHOC reunions, but those designer sunglasses come in handy after filming.
Tears seem to have become an inevitable part of RHOC reunions, but those designer sunglasses come in handy after filming. (Image via Bravo)

Shannon then dished on her timeline for David’s affair, estimating that it began shortly after the RHOC filming commenced.

“It didn’t even cross my mind that infidelity was a factor,” she said, referring to her initial assumption.

But was it unkind or cruel to continually dish about it on TV, especially when children are involved? Beador insisted no.

“So many people in Orange County knew about his affair, who the two people involved were, so either way this was going to come out. After talking with our counselor, our church, talking multiple times with our kids, and having them talk to counselors, we thought that we could show that you can actually repair a marriage after going through something as horrendous as we went through.”

Heather gave Shannon kudos for her forgiveness, but confessed she would desire to punish her own husband. Was that a caution to Terry Dubrow?

Heather poses with Terry.
Did Heather Dubrow warn Terry about cheating during the RHOC reunion? (Image via Bravo)

As to why David cheated, Shannon felt that she nagged and complained too much. But the RHOC reunion cast disagreed loudly with that comment.

“That’s bulls**t,” summed up Dubrow. “You fix it or you leave. You don’t cheat.”

Beador disagreed with Heather, however, insisting that because David was working and not available, they rarely had date nights and she longed to feel “connected.”

But the highlight of the RHOC reunion when it came to OMG shockers was credited to Briana Culberson.

Briana shocks at the RHOC reunion.
Briana shared her OMG shockers at the RHOC reunion. (Image via Bravo)

Gunvalson admitted that she and Brooks split and felt it was all right, because it wasn’t meant to be a long-term relationship. But although she insisted that Briana was her priority, Culberson disagreed vehemently.

“Brooks would do something terrible and my mom was in a different room and I would think to myself, God, do I even say anything because she’s not going to believe me. She’s going to tell me that I’m a liar,” said Briana. “She’s gonna ask him and he’s gonna lie to her.”

When Cohen requested that Briana go into details on such a situation, Culberson went full force into what happened.

“He hit on me when I was pregnant at her birthday party,” said Briana. “[He offered to show his] ween ween…[and said it was] really big.”

Is it getting more difficult to figure out who's lying now when it comes to the "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast members' dramas?
Is it getting more difficult to figure out who’s lying now when it comes to the “Real Housewives of Orange County” cast members’ dramas? (Image via Bravo)

Briana said her mother reacted by calling her a liar.

“She… said that he would never want me,” added Culberson.

Cohen showed part of a one-on-one interview that was filmed separately from the RHOC reunion, in which Ayers blamed Briana and the other RHOC cast members. He also insisted that everyone in the family liked him except for Briana, and alleged she was dependent on her mom for financial help.

“F**k this guy. I’m f**king done,” proclaimed Briana, watching the interview clip. “This guy is a filthy piece of s**t. Scumbag.”

The tension between mother and daughter remained high throughout the RHOC reunion, reported People.

"Real Housewives" reunions never lack for real drama.
“Real Housewives” reunions never lack for real drama. (Image via Bravo)

However, Gunvalson seemed more subdued as Briana told her story of what had been said to her, repeating that her mother had disbelieved her. Finally, in reference to the birthday story, she said she did believe Briana.

Part three of the RHOC reunion will be broadcast next week, and is anticipated to focus more on the cancer controversy among the Real Housewives Of Orange County cast.

Heather decided that she had a term for how she viewed it, which was “noncologists.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Briana had told Tamra that she did not believe the cancer claims of her mother’s ex-boyfriend.

Both women felt suspicious, but Briana is an ER nurse. On previous episodes, the PET scan has come up and been questioned as to its authenticity in proving that he really has cancer, and Tamra talks with Briana about that issue.

“If he’s lying about this, I’ll kill him,” Briana warns bluntly.

In addition, the worried ER nurse predicts that her mother will either find out the truth or one day he will magically become suddenly cured.

[Image via Bravo]