Lamar Odom Update: Drug-Connected ‘Friend’ Of Odom Tries To Enter Hospital Room, Report Says

A bizarre incident at the hospital where Lamar Odom is battling the after-effects of an apparent drug overdose ended in what witnesses described as “a big scene” late last night, as a mysterious individual claiming to be a “friend” of the stricken former NBA star attempted to gain access to Odom’s room — claiming that Odom himself had called him and asked him to show up.

Odom’s wife Khloe Kardashian, a star of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV series, was reportedly not present at the time, according to the celebrity news site TMZ, even though the youngest Kardashian sister has be reported to keep a bedside vigil in Odom’s room, first at Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, where Odom was transferred over a week ago.

The apparent intruder made it as far as the floor where Odom is housed, but never reached Odom’s room, according to the TMZ report, which also said that the man was from Las Vegas and made the trip to Los Angeles, he claimed, at Odom’s request.

Lamar Odom Hospital Cedars Sinai
Cedars-Sinai hospital in, Los Angeles, California (Photo by Jason Kirk/Getty Images)

The man was not named publicly, but according to TMZ sources, was a former “assistant” of Odom’s who may have “facilitated” Odom’s drug use — though the site did not specify whether or not the man was actually Odom’s drug dealer. Whether Odom actually called the man, as the mysterious visitor claimed, was not confirmed.

If Odom — who is reportedly still on dialysis to treat kidney failure and has also supposedly suffered about a dozen small strokes since the October 14 overdose at the Love Ranch legal prostitution establishment about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas — actually called his drug connection to visit him in the hospital, the implications would seem to be troubling for Odom’s family, the Kardashian clan, and fans of the fallen former member of the Los Angeles Lakers, who won back-to-back NBA Championships with the team.

Apparently, Lamar Odom and the mysterious visitor had been roommates in Las Vegas at some point in the past. But TMZ sources say that handlers of the 35-year-old Queens, New York, after being found unconscious with grisly symptoms of what police investigators said was a cocaine overdose.

Hospital security at Cedars Sinai forced the mystery man to leave without seeing Odom, after a loud scene involving raised voices, the site reported.

Also unknown is whether Monday’s mystery visitor in Los Angeles is the same “shady” mystery may who showed up at Love Ranch in the hours immediately following Odom’s emergency trip to Sunrise Medical Center. According to earlier reports, that individual made off with a number of Odom’s personal belongings, claiming to be Odom’s “manager.”

He took the then-comatose basketball player’s personal cell phone, among other belongings. Earlier Inquisitr coverage of that strange incident may be accessed at this link.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom in 2011 (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Lamar Odom has seen numerous legitimate visitors in his hospital room, including several current NBA players, among them his former Los Angeles Clippers teammate Blake Griffin, who described Odom as “obviously doing much better.”

“I’m glad I got to be there,” Griffin said on Monday. “I want him to know we’re here for him.”

“This now has nothing to do with basketball. It has to do with his life,” said current Clippers Coach Doc Rivers. “It shows you what type of guy he is with the love and support. Everybody doesn’t get that. Now, we’re hoping that he comes out of this and that same love and support he had while he was going through this translates. That’s my prayer.”

However, in another disturbing development, according to the Hollywood Life gossip site, Lamar Odom has consented to allow his medical ordeal to be filmed and promised to “share” his harrowing experience — on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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