Ann Coulter Slams Obama’s Economic Policies

Op/Ed – Ann Coulter demonstrated her usual bold and straightforward manner when denouncing President Barack Obama’s failed economic policies during a heated panel debate on ABC “This Week” news broadcast. It was visibly difficult for Coulter to retain her composure when debunking the misguided liberal ideas voiced by fellow panelists Van Jones and Ed Rendell; but the seasoned political commentator managed to make her valid points without sinking into attack mode. At the end of a very rough week for President Obama, it was likely disheartening for his campaign staff to see his supporters debunked so succinctly during the weekend news show.

Tired political rhetoric by progressive Democrats will not thwart either Coulter or the American public from talking about the continued sluggish state of the economy. Although the primary focus of the panel discussion centered around Obama’s press conference last week, his overall performance was summarily picked apart by the end of the heated debate. Taxpayers were likely left scratching their heads after hearing President Obama tout the importance of a jobs bills which would add to the nation’s debt and called for more public sector job growth.

Van Jones debates Ann Coulter on the economy

Although Jones attempted to make conservatives appear to be evil monsters for questioning the salary, benefits and performance of public employees, the recent Wisconsin recall race clearly points to a shift in thinking on collective bargaining perks. President Obama’s campaign staff proved once again how out-of-touch the White House is with common citizens by ignoring the strong message sent when Wisconsin voters chose to keep Scott Walker in office. As Coulter so colorfully pointed out during the panel discussion, American voters are demanding a fiscally responsible approach to managing the public sector. Pressure from Obama’s staunch public employees union supporters to push for more government sector spending may cost him a second term in the Oval Office.