WWE Rumors: Top 10 Possible Tag Partners For The Undertaker At ‘Survivor Series’

WWE has not yet officially announced a single match for this year’s Survivor Series, but one appears to be on the way to being confirmed. At the end of Hell In A Cell, Undertaker was abducted and taken away by The Wyatt Family which is essentially setting up a traditional elimination tag match for the big event. That means The Undertaker still needs three partners to even the sides and rumors are flying as to who they might be.

As is evident by all over WWE.com, the celebration for the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker’s debut in WWE is going to be a big deal. If the match does end up happening, The Wyatt Family has their team in place with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, and Erick Rowan.

Now, The Undertaker needs his tag partners and here are some possible choices.

1. Kane – This seems to be the most obvious choice since they are “brothers” and Kane is back to his old demon ways. He even came out on Monday Night Raw last night to inquire about the whereabouts of The Undertaker. This one almost seems like a given.

2. Brock Lesnar – If WWE wants to shock the world then let the hatchet have been buried and have Lesnar join forces with “The Deadman.” Even though he’s rumored to be off TV until 2016, the absence of John Cena (time off) and Randy Orton (injury) could have WWE pay him a little more to have him appear again as Cageside Seats reports.

survivor series rumors brock lesnar undertaker

3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – He’s said he’s in the greatest shape in his life. Austin states he could still go and he did recently introduce Undertaker on Raw while also being backstage at Hell In A Cell. Undertaker could serve from having a little “attitude” on his team.

4. Daniel Bryan – This would be pretty great, but WWE is likely going to have Bryan’s return (if/when it comes) for something bigger. It’s expected he will return at the Royal Rumble in January.

5. Dean Ambrose – The “Lunatic Fringe” is currently without a program or feud right now, and he’d kind of fit right in with the dark side. He also has had plenty of issues with the Wyatts over the past few months.

6. Finn Balor – With Samoa Joe turning heel and going after the NXT Title that is currently held by Balor, this could be the first step in him coming up to the main roster. Seeing NXT’s demon partnering with the “Deadman” makes sense as he’s exactly the type of guy that would have been part of Undertaker’s Ministry stable back in the WWE Attitude Era.

7. Cesaro – The guy is not doing anything else and has been de-pushed in gigantic ways like not many others in the past. Maybe it’s time to realize he’s learned his lesson and is deserving of something big.

8. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase – The 61-year-old isn’t likely going to get into serious ring action, but it would be great to see him accompany Undertaker to the ring. He was the man that introduced the world to him at Survivor Series back in 1990.

million dollar man ted dibiase undertaker survivor series

9. The Dudley Boyz – After losing to The New Day again, it seems as if it’s time for the Dudleys to move on. Back in the summer before the Dudley Boyz returned, Luke Harper was taunting them on Twitter and apparently setting up a feud to come.

10. Sting – Many were hoping that Sting and Undertaker would eventually have a feud of some sort, but his big injury at Night of Champions has his career in jeopardy. This one is possible, but it all depends on the severity of his injury and if WWE would be willing to risk further damage to him.

It’s not even known for sure that an elimination-style tag match will happen at Survivor Series, but it really appears that’s the direction that WWE is going. The Undertaker being abducted by The Wyatt Family means he needs some partners and any of these men are good choices.

[Images via WWE]