Andrea Constand, Alleged Bill Cosby Victim, Sues Former Prosecutor Bruce Castor For Defamation

Andrea Constand, an “early” Bill Cosby accuser, according to the CBC, has filed a lawsuit against then-prosecutor Bruce Castor over comments he has made while running for the position again.


“If the allegations in the civil complaint were contained with that detail in her statement to the police, we might have been able to make a case out of it,” Castor was quoted with regard to the reason that criminal charges were never pursued over Constand’s allegations in 2005.

Constand is said to be Canadian, but worked with the women’s basketball team with Temple University when she met Cosby. She left the position shortly after their encounter and now lives and works in Toronto.

When Dolores Troiani, Constand’s lawyer, got wind of Castor’s words, she demanded an apology. When Castor offered none, a lawsuit seeking $150,000 in damages followed.

Bruce Castor finds himself the subject of Andrea Constand lawsuit. [Image Courtesy Bruce Castor/Facebook] Bruce Castor finds himself the subject of an Andrea Constand lawsuit. [Image Courtesy Bruce Castor/Facebook]“He said that she enhanced her statement for monetary gain,” Andrea Constand’s lawyer was quoted. “This is outrageous that a victim of a crime could be treated this same way — twice — by the same man.”

The election for the district attorney position is scheduled to be held in just seven days; Bill Cosby is said to have been a hot topic of debate surrounding Castor, a Republican, and his opposition, Democrat Kevin Steele. Troiani has accused Castor of failing to prosecute Bill Cosby because of the repercussions of failing to get a conviction could have to his political ambitions.

Castor left the district attorney position in 2008 and reportedly considered a run for “statewide office.” He now serves as a county commissioner and is running for D.A. again, according to his website.

In a Facebook post, Castor states, with seeming regard to Constand’s lawsuit, “The lawsuit filed today, seven days before an election, is the cheapest of Steele’s cheap campaign stunts. It is the act of a desperate candidate who is down in the polls and headed to defeat. It is totally without merit.”

Andrea Constand files lawsuit against Cosby prosecutor. Andrea Constand. [Screenshot Courtesy Pete Sandova/YouTube]ET Online reports that, while at least 40 women reported being sexually assaulted or drugged by Bill Cosby from the 1960s all the way until the 2000s, Andrea Constand’s case was the first to really garner attention. Thirteen women were reportedly agreeable to serving as “Jane Doe” witnesses and testifying against Cosby. Constand and Cosby were reported to have settled out of court. Castor, who would have been the persecutor, apparently believes that Andrea Constand changed her story, and has stated that he would have prosecuted Cosby if the evidence presented to him at the time merited the action.

Dozens of women have accused Bill Cosby of both drugging them and sexually assaulting them. Cosby admitted to giving Andrea Constand benadryl, as some type of party favor, but drew the line at giving her quaaludes, which he admitted that he gave to women in the 1970s. Cosby has admitted that he had a prescription for the drug, reports the National Post.

Bill Cosby has been married for over 50 years. All the while, his accusers claim that he has been drugging women and having or attempting to have sexual relations with them. The casual way with which the married Cosby is reported to have recounted sexual liaisons with five different women in locations like “Denver, Las Vegas, New York and Pennsylvania” and at his many homes, would be viewed by many as unsettling.

When asked if he loved Andrea Constand, Bill Cosby was reported to have replied, “No.” Cosby made statements toward the fact that he and Constand were “petting” and “playing.”

Risa Vetri Ferman, the current Montgomery County prosecutor, is reported to have made moves toward revisiting possible criminal charges in the case. Cosby agents have reportedly been speaking with defense lawyers about a continuing Montgomery County criminal probe. A 12-year statute of limitations with regard to possible charges looms in January 2016.

[Feature Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images for Meet The Press]