Supreme Court Refuses To Hear ‘Birther’ Argument Relating To President Obama

The Supreme Court on Monday outright refused to hear an appeal that would challenge the legitimacy of President Obama’s citizenship and thereby his entire presidency.

The countries highest court did not offer any comment as to why they refused to hear the “birther” appeal filed by Alan Keyes, Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson.

In its ruling the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the challengers did not have the necessary legal standing to file the birther lawsuit against President Obama.

Under the U.S. Constitution only a “natural-born citizen” is allowed to run and serve as the President of the United States. Challengers claim that President Obama was born to in Kenya and not in Hawaii as he claims. Those same opponents also claim that despite repeated testimony President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery meant to dupe the American people.

The court likely threw out the case after Hawaii’s own officials repeatedly verified Obama’s citizenship.

You may recall that Alan Keyes and Wiley Drake both ran against President Obama on the American Independent Party ticket in 2008 while Markham Robinson is the party’s chairman.

Given the strong push to prove President Obama a fraud it is likely this is not the last we’ll hear about the birther movement, although further distractions will likely stem from the state level where federal voting regulations over rule the decisions of individual states.

Do you think it is finally time to put the birther issue to rest and focus on issues that are actually creating problems for regular Americans, such as the economy and ballooning student loans?

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