Private Sector the Focus of New Romney Campaign Ad

Private sector comments by President Barack Obama during a press conference on the state of the economy last week are creating quite a bit of backlash. The president’s “private sector is doing fine” remark prompted senior campaign adviser David Axelrod to embark on a news media interview tour to clarify what the president actually meant, according to the Associated Press. Republican opponent Mitt Romney wasted no time in generating a response to what some may consider a costly political gaffe by President Obama.

A new web campaign ad addressing the struggles of Americans working in the private sector paints a drastically different image than the one noted by the president last week. The poignant Romney campaign ad features unemployed and underemployed American workers sharing their individual struggles while trying to earn a paycheck in private sector careers.

As noted during a CBS News interview with Axelrod, the president backtracked his private sector economic stance at least a little bit and stated that he understands that the economy still needs “help.” The type of help Americans feel will curb the economic downfall will likely be the deciding factor in the November election. Scott Walker’s win in the Wisconsin recall election may influence how both candidates address spending initiatives, education reform and economic polices during the remainder of the election season.

Romney, fellow Republican lawmakers and campaign supporters feel Obama’s private sector comment during the press conference illustrates how “out of touch” he is with the nation’s economic woes, accordng to interview excerpts republished by CBS News. If the number of hits garnered by Romney’s new web campaign ad is any indication, Obama’s private sector fiscal health comment will be making headlines for many weeks to come.

Here is the new web campaign:

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