CeeLo Green Engaged: Former ‘Voice’ Mentor Planning To Wed Longtime Love Shani James

Though his life has been a bit dramatic over the past year or so, news that former Voice mentor CeeLo Green is engaged is a ray of good news for the music man’s fans. It turns out, however, that engagement is not exactly a recent development. Green seemingly got engaged to Shani James some time ago, but they had decided to keep it private until recently.

As People shared, CeeLo Green got engaged to Shani James during an evening at the studio. It was no spur-the-moment proposal, however. Green says that the two had done some ring shopping some time prior to the engagement. He had gone back and bought the ring four to five months before actually proposing, seemingly waiting for just the right opportunity.

Once he decided to go for it, the former Voice mentor hid the ring in some old equipment at the studio and asked Shani to grab something for him. As she reached into the equipment, she found the ring. It seems that she was quite surprised, and she said yes.

The big event happened about a year ago, but Green says they simply didn’t want to promote the news. However, it seems that perhaps it is time to let others know at last that Shani James and CeeLo Green are engaged and planning a long future together.

Green shares, “We’re a collective power together because our private life is sacred,” but that “Maybe it is time for the world to know that I have a very secure situation and a loving woman supporting me the entire way.”

The music man adds that James loves him unconditionally.

“She’s been so sweet to me through a number of different trials that come to test the [resilience] of a union to deem whether it’s worth or not, whether it’s durable or strong enough.”

Those are pretty lofty thoughts coming from Green, but he insists that every word he says is true and accurate. CeeLo has most definitely been through some difficult times in the past few years, and it would seem that James has not wavered in standing by his side.

As the Los Angeles Times details, these difficult times included a case where he pleaded no contest to one felony count of giving a woman ecstasy. The two had sex after spending time together at a restaurant in 2012 and, while CeeLo termed it as consensual, she alleged otherwise. The plea deal came in August, 2014.

Not only did the incident itself bring a lot of controversy for Green, but a tweet he posted in the midst of the situation caused trouble, as well. As the Daily Mail notes, CeeLo left the Voice in the midst of all of the controversy, and he had some concerts axed as well. He has mostly laid low since then, though he has been putting together a new album as he worked through his sentence of community service and dealt with probation.

Green, 46, and James, 38, have not yet started working on specific wedding plans. However, he says that when they do start preparing for the big day, he will be quite involved in the planning. The singer’s new album, Heart Blanche, is expected to be released later this year. Will his new work bring fans back to the fold for him? Many will be anxious to find out.

Though he was buried in controversy during the aftermath of the alleged rape incident, it would seem that the former Voice mentor is determined to rebuild his career. Fans are excited to hear that CeeLo Green is engaged, happy, and working, and they will be anxious to see just how this album does when it is released this winter.

[Photo by Paras Griffin / Getty Images]