Texas Father Visited By CPS After Posting Pictures Of His Toddler In Mock Jail

A Texas father was recently visited by Child Protective Services after a Facebook post showing him putting his toddler in a mock “jail” went viral.

According to She Knows, reported via MSN, Juliano Parker of Corpus Christi, Texas, made a post on Facebook, explaining that his toddler had been unruly lately, and had been acting out towards him and his wife, Yvonne. Traditional discipline, such as time-out and spankings, were not working for his daughter, so he created a mock jail environment where his daughter could serve “hard time.”

While his daughter was in “jail,” she was forced to lay on a thin mattress, eat meat and potatoes with water, while watching her siblings eat pizza and juice, and clean the room and wash dishes. The toddler also wore a orange jumpsuit while she was in jail, with Juliano posting pictures to prove it.

“My daughter Aubrey’Ella has been fighting with my wife and I, disrespecting us in public, not listening and talking back a lot,” Juliano explained in his original Facebook post. “Spankings don’t work no more. My daughter is used to spankings, and nowadays, you can’t spank kids how they did back in the day [because] they call that abuse.”

“So today I told my daughter since you wanna be a bad girl, let me show you where the bad kids go,” Parker’s post continued. “I turned my apartment into a jail. I took away her clothes, now she gets to wear my orange shirt.”

“Now ya’ll can say what ya’ll want but I’m breaking this bad behavior before it gets too out of control without spanking her.”

After his post went viral, Juliano, who is a Christian music artist and active member of his church in Corpus Christi, received an unexpected visit from Child Protective Services. Following their visit, Juliano removed the post and pictures and issued an apology, admitting that he was wrong and he never expected his post to go viral.

“I really regret posting that pic of my daughter on social media like that. I admit it was wrong didn’t think it was gonna go viral,” he wrote in his apology, adding that he is now showing her love and being “extra nice” without letting her walk all over him. “Smh, God knows my heart. My daughter is a good girl, just been acting out lately, and I was just trying to show her with bad behavior comes consequence. Now my daughter all over the Internet for being bad kid, but in reality, she just acting out for attention.”

Juliano’s social media shaming of his daughter is not the first of its kind. Many parents have taken to public shaming their kids as a form of punishment, later posting photos of their actions to social media, humiliating their children in the process.

According to Daily Strength, licensed psychologist Julie Hanks said parents who publicly shame their kids may cause their kids to experience short-term behavior changes or long-term negative consequences. She also suggests that public shaming can be “harmful to the child’s feelings of self-worth, to the emotional bond between parent and child, and may put your child at risk for developing addictions and other mental health and relationship problems.” She added that public shaming “teaches that humiliation is an acceptable way to attempt to control other’s behavior.”

What do you think about Juliano’s questionable method of discipline? Did he go too far? Leave your comments below.

[Photo via Twitter]