Leah Messer Posting Images Of Kids To Prove She Is A Capable Mother?

Leah Messer has gone through quite a public backlash over the past couple of months due to her rehab stay. Many fans feel that Leah hasn’t been completely honest about her troubles, including her use of prescription drugs. On a previous season of Teen Mom, Leah was falling asleep while she was taking care of her children. She looked as if she was using some kind of drug that was influencing her behavior.

While Leah Messer never admitted to anything, she did go to rehab for anxiety. Messer claimed that she was simply stressed out and needed to go to rehab to find herself again. In the process, Leah lost her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, and Corey Simms was concerned for his daughters’ safety in Leah’s care, and he pushed to get primary custody. These days, rumors are swirling that Leah has lost custody of her twins.

According to a new tweet, Leah Messer is now posting pictures of her daughters. Of course, Leah is never on social media, but she decided to post a few pictures on Twitter to show that she does spend time with her children. This morning, Leah wrote that she was very happy and was up early to get her daughters ready for school.

“We are up and at it today, lots to do! Let’s start this week off the right way. Good Morning everyone!!” Leah Messer revealed on Twitter with plenty of emoticons, adding on last night’s tweet, “All set for a great week. I’m so #blessed!”

Some of Messer’s followers believe that she is showing these pictures to squash any rumors that she isn’t seeing her children anymore. And some of her followers were quick to show their support. It sounds like some of Leah’s Teen Mom fans believe that she has been portrayed falsely and fully understand her situation.

“Good morning Leah. Not going to lie it’s sad you have to post this to show you are capable of doing real mom stuff,” one person wrote to Leah in support of her, while two others added, “keep up the positivity – your girls will see your triumphs and forget your falls, just keep getting up, all parents should” and “I totally believe in you, I have two children on my own and it’s so hard sometimes I give tons of credit for doing it with 3.”

It is awesome to see that Leah is getting up early to get her children ready for school. That was one of the bigger criticisms coming from Corey Simms. He claimed that their twins were always late for school and Ali rarely went to her therapy sessions. It sounds like Leah is taking the criticism seriously and wants to do everything right to keep her daughters with her. But Leah also has a third daughter, little Addie. Jeremy talked to Corey about her issues and possibly thought about getting custody. According to a Classicalite report, Jeremy could be thinking about full custody if he believes the newest rumors. The report claims that Addie left the home when Leah wasn’t paying attention, but nothing has been proved.

“Everyone is really worried about Addie. She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home,” a source has revealed, adding, “If [Jeremy] can find sometime nearby, he’ll go for the same custody arrangement that Corey did.”

One can imagine that this story would have made headlines in the Teen Mom world if this did indeed happen, but this is the last thing Leah needs.

What do you think of Leah Messer posting pictures of her daughters? Do you think she is trying to prove that she can be a mother?

[Image via Instagram]