‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador Battles Husband’s Mistress At USC Game: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Defends Marriage Despite Affair

During the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador has discussed her knowledge that her husband, David, had an affair. And although Shannon has sought to move on with her marriage, the RHOC star recently battled Beador’s ex-mistress Nicole McMackin during a California college football match, according to Us Weekly.

Taking place at a USC football game in Los Angeles, the Beador battle began with a proactive semblance of peace. Shannon pretended to act as if she didn’t even see Nicole, although her husband’s former mistress attempted to force the Beadors to look at her by striding past the couple, revealed an observer.

Shannon Beador gets support from RHOC pals.
Shannon Beador gets support from RHOC pals. (Image via Bravo)

But when Shannon headed back to where she was sitting during the football match, the activity among the game’s observers became more interesting than what was happening on the football field. Beador had a close encounter of the ex-mistress kind that resulted in the bitter battle.

“That’s when Shannon calmly said to Nicole, ‘You have a lot of nerve being here,'” shared the source.

The eyewitness also watched Nicole challenge Beador by confronting the RHOC star only a few inches from her face.

Shannon Beador watched the knowledge of her husband's affair play out on national TV. (Image via Bravo)

“F**k you!” yelled David’s ex-mistress.

The observer then watched the following exchange.

“Shannon followed with an, ‘Are you kidding me?’ to which Nicole replied, ‘You’re sick and you’re crazy.'”

But Beador fought back, added the insider.

“Why are you describing yourself to me?” Shannon asked her husband’s former mistress.

The RHOC star subsequently screamed at the area where her enemy was lurking.

“NICOLE is the woman who had an affair with my husband!” yelled Shannon.

David admitted to Shannon Beador that he had an affair for eight months. (Image via Bravo)

Beador and her husband talked with Andy Cohen previously about what happened to their marriage during and after David’s affair. While many couples feel that such a rift means the end of their relationship, Shannon feels that the pain was followed by a decision to work with her husband to heal their marriage and family. But Beador admits that the emotional pain was intense and involved their daughters Sophie and Adeline.

“I don’t think that people understand the level of hurt. I’m just gonna give an example, okay? When David left me for those two weeks, he would still come and pick the kids up from school. And one day he handed [our daughter] Stella his wedding ring. He said, ‘Give this to your mother, I don’t want it anymore.'”

Shannon is aware that for eight months, David sustained that affair. But Beador also stressed she wants to send a message to other couples who may find themselves in similar situations.

David and Shannon Beador talk to Andy Cohen.
David and Shannon Beador talk to Andy Cohen. (Image via Bravo)

“We want to give other couples hope even if there is infidelity, or something devastating in a relationship, if you both work and make the effort and love each other, you can get out,” said Shannon.

Beador isn’t letting go of her feelings towards David’s ex-mistress, however, pointed out Entertainment Tonight.

After embarrassing David at the UCSC game, Shannon headed to social media to slam McMakin.

“Go Trojans! Cheering with good friends! Sorry @tamrajudge couldn’t make it! Someone with no moral compass decided to show up again. Watch reunion part 2 on Monday night and you will understand who I’m talking about. #narcissist #stalker,” wrote Beador.

Shannon and David seek to heal their marriage.
Shannon and David seek to heal their marriage. (Image via Bravo)

Viewers initially learned that David had been unfaithful to Shannon during June episode of RHOC. Beador shared that her husband left her for two weeks during his affair.

David and Nicole met in 2013, and their relationship gradually became intimate, threatening Beador’s marriage, during an entrepreneurs’ meeting, according to the Daily Mail.

They secretly subsequently met in hotels in Southern California, trying to hide their blossoming romance. Beador has since expressed regret and remorse for his actions.

David, too, expressed remorse for his actions.

“It’s tough to hear. It’s heartbreaking, it really is,” Beador confessed in an interview with Andy Cohen. “What I put her through is horrific. It really was horrific.”

[Image via Bravo TV]