Did Lamar Odom’s Prostitutes Know He Was Using Drugs? Dennis Hof Claims Innocence As Details Revealed

New reports indicate that Love Ranch employees may have known that Lamar Odom was doing drugs in the brothel but neglected to report it to management. In fact, others claim that not only did the brothel management know about the drug use, they also pushed “drug-friendly” prostitutes onto the former NBA player upon arrival.

When word of Lamar Odom’s plight hit the media, Dennis Hof, owner of Love Ranch, claimed that the brothel had no idea that Odom was using drugs and went so far as to say “there were no signs of drugs at all” leading up to the discovery of Odom unconscious in the VIP suite. However, it seems that Hof was receiving inaccurate information when he made those statements, as other employees say the prostitutes servicing Odom had heard “sniffing sounds” coming from his room. In addition to the new claims, the initial 911 calls were made feature an unnamed female disclosing that Lamar had used cocaine on Saturday, just a day before he was found unconscious.

The Daily Mail reports that the two prostitutes that serviced Lamar at the Love Ranch, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, revealed to police that they had heard “snorting sounds” coming from Odom’s bathroom the night before the health scare. It appears from the police report that both Cherry and Monroe heard the sounds and suspected that Odom was taking cocaine. However, it wasn’t until they found the former NBA star unconscious in the bedroom that they disclosed the information to police.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom in happier times
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom in happier times. Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In addition to the police report indicating likely cocaine use on the brothel’s premises, the 911 call also reveals possible cocaine use. During the third call made from the Love Ranch, an emergency responder is asking girls at the brothel questions regarding what Odom may have ingested. They discussed the herbal Viagra pills but also cocaine. In fact, the call indicates a specific time that cocaine was used as the female voice can be heard explaining that Odom had used cocaine in his suite the previous night.

These reports stand in stark contrast to statements made by the Love Ranch owner, Dennis Hof, immediately following the incident. In fact, Hof claimed that the facility was drug-free and that there were “no signs” of drug use in the brothel. It is unclear if Hof is simply playing stupid or if he actually was left in the dark about the drug use.

Hof claims that not only was he left in the dark, but he was lied to by staff who knew of the drug use. The Love Ranch owner says that the two prostitutes that did not report the drug use, Ryder Cherry and Monico Monroe, have been suspended. However, other reports suggest they both quit after returning their $17,500 checks for the services provided to Odom.

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Both Monica Monroe and Ryder Cherry are no longer at the Love Ranch, and sources close to the women say they have no plans to return. Monroe claims she is on the run and is in witness protection following her photographs landing on the web. She says she has been in the program since her boyfriend was killed. Cherry also has a lurid past, her boyfriend was also murdered in a possible drug-deal gone bad.

Monica Monroe
Photo of the two prostitutes who allegedly found Lamar Odom unconscious in the Nevada brothel. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Though the women are no longer at the Love Ranch, it is possible that the brothel could lose its certification over the use of drugs on the premises, and that could be why Hof is so quick to cover his tracks and rid the establishment of the girls in question.

What do you think about Dennis Hof’s claims that there were “no signs of drug use at all” in the brothel?

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