WWE News: Former WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio Returns To Face John Cena At 'Hell In A Cell'

Everyone was wondering who would end up being the mystery opponent for John Cena's U.S. Open Challenge at Hell In A Cell, and a lot of names were thrown around. As recent as just a couple hours ago, many thought it could be Samoa Joe or even Daniel Bryan, but it didn't end up being either man. Cena came out to open the show and he was soon greeted with his opponent -- a returning Alberto Del Rio.

Cena was waiting in the ring for his opponent and Zeb Colter returned to WWE after being out for months with an injury. Colter said that was time for Cena to lose the United States Title to someone who would do it justice.

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As reported by WrestleZone, that someone ended up being Alberto Del Rio. He came down to the ring and was greeted by a pretty loud ovation from the crowd, and received an even bigger pop when he defeated John Cena for the title.

The match was actually quite short and lasted just around 10 minutes before Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Del Rio got out of it. He then hit Cena with the "Backstabber" backbreaker and a kick to the head for the pin and the title.

Del Rio left the ring with title in hand and walked over to Zeb Colter. The two shook hands and then left the arena together. During Del Rio's last run in WWE, a big feud between the two went on for months.

Now, it looks as if Colter may be the one accompanying the new United States champion to the ring each week.

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The match was the opener for the main portion of the show after the kickoff six-man tag match. As recapped by WWE.com, it was a hot match that really got the crowd into it right away.

After the match was over, Alberto Del Rio was backstage and asked by WWE.com if he was willing to comment on his return and win. Del Rio had nothing to say and simply walked away, but he did hop on Twitter to thank the fans.

Since leaving WWE, Del Rio did wrestle under the name of Alberto El Patron and was appeared for both AAA and Ring of Honor. Del Rio even got involved with MMA for a bit, but never did a whole lot with it.

At times, he was rumored to be the big signing for TNA Impact Wrestling and also to represent the main event talent in the second season of Lucha Underground. Obviously, neither of those things happened as he's now back with WWE.

According to WrestleZone, Del Rio was given a "great deal" to return to WWE, and it comes at a time when he is also the AAA Mega Champion. AAA Vice President Dorian Roldan Pena issued a statement regarding that situation and said more news is coming on it.

All along, the plan in WWE was for Alberto Del Rio to be Cena's opponent at Hell In A Cell. It isn't known if Triple H reached out to him first or vice versa, but the deal with WWE was said to have been done weeks ago.

He could still works for AAA through the end of November, but that isn't exactly confirmed yet.

Alberto Del Rio is indeed back in WWE and it's said that his deal includes an easier schedule than most talents, but not as easy as those like Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, and Chris Jericho. He's already won the U.S. Title though in a quick match against John Cena and is a main player once again.

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