Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade Crash Video: Adacia Chambers, 25, Didn’t Brake Before Killing Four [Graphic OSU Crash Video]

The video of the horrific crash of 25-year-old Adacia Chambers crashing into a crowd at the Oklahoma State University’s homecoming parade has been uploaded to YouTube, and can be seen in the below Today video.

Warning: The below video contains footage that can be disturbing to some viewers.

Prior to the Oklahoma State University football game, OSU fans and OSU parade participants were having a normal day. None of the Oklahoma State parade-goers in Stillwater, Oklahoma, expected their state school’s homecoming parade to be marred by such violence via Adacia.

As reported by USA Today, the horrible crash at the OSU homecoming parade has left four dead and five people remaining in critical condition. In the video out of Oklahoma, it is noted that Chambers didn’t apply her brakes at all before plowing into a crowd of people at the OSU homecoming parade. Witnesses describe Adacia acting erratically after the crash and having to be held down by parade participants who were able to hold Chambers down so she wouldn’t run away in the wake of the crash.

The Oklahoma State University football team decided to still play their game, but took special time to pray for the victims of the heartbreaking Stillwater incident that took lives on Saturday.


Soon after Adacia crashed into the OSU parade crowd, video footage of Chambers running into the crowd was requested by police. Authorities wanted to review the type of footage provided via the Today video from YouTube for evidence against Adacia.


Meanwhile, after the 25-year-old Chambers was arrested for killing people at the Oklahoma State homecoming parade, with reports of bodies flying 30 feet into the air, there are still questions about Adacia’s state of mind. USA Today has published the names of those killed in the horrible crash, including a 2-year-old boy named Nash Lucas, as the student newspaper the O’Colly reported. The number of those injured in the crash has grown to 50 people or more, as Chambers was being held on suspicion of driving under the influence.


Makeshift memorials in Stillwater are being put up as others who lost their lives in the OSU parade crash, including 23-year-old Nakita Prabhakar, from Edmond, Oklahoma, are being named. Two 65-year-olds named Bonnie Jean Stone and Marvin Lyle Stone, also both from Stillwater, were listed as having lost their lives in the parade crash.


On Twitter, a search for Stillwater brings up all sorts of photos of memorials and people tweeting about the noticeably orange sunset over the OSU stadium on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, tweets about Adacia bring up reports questioning whether Chambers was on drugs, as some of her coworkers suspected, or drinking. Folks are also wondering if Adacia was indeed on drugs, why was Chambers allowed to drive home from work, as reported by Heavy. Adacia wasn’t enrolled at OSU, but reportedly lived about half a mile away from where the crash happened, according to Today. The mayor of Stillwater, Gina Noble, spoke of how much the violent car crash has affected the city.

“Our hearts are so heavy today.”

(Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images)