Pedophile Lures 11-Year-Old He Met Online, Gets Epic Surprise When ‘They’ Meet In Person [Video]

One pedophile’s disturbing moment of glory was greatly destroyed once he realized he wouldn’t be meeting the innocent 11-year-old girl he’d been grooming online for several months. According to the Daily Mail, child predator Hazaa Said unknowingly became the prey when he was targeted by Dark Justice, a group of internet vigilantes who target and bring down pedophiles looking to manipulate and lure young schoolgirls. The group is famous for creating fake schoolgirl profiles on social media networks in order to trap online predators seeking underage sex. Now, footage of their latest ambush has gone viral.

In the beginning of the video, a member of the vigilante group confronts Said. He admits that he’d been talking to an 11-year-old and had plans to meet her. When asked if he’d sent her nude photos, he admitted to doing so and casually insisted that he didn’t see anything wrong with his actions. However, his demeanor changed once he was informed that police were on the way to arrest him.

It has been reported that Hazaa Said, 24, had been conversing with an 11-year-old named Amanda, whom he’d met on the cross-platform, mobile messaging application, WhatsApp. Said, who recently married months prior to the pedophiliac incident, began conversing with the girl just as a man pursuing a woman would.

Initially, he was unaware of the girl’s age, but even after the group revealed she was only 11, he still insisted on pursuing her and even went a step further by admitting that he’d like to have a sexual encounter with her. The group replied to Said to make sure his intentions were clear. He admitted, yet again, that her age would not be a problem. On Thursday, Oct. 22, Said appeared in Newcastle Crown Court in the U.K. where prosecutor James Adkin presented his online correspondence with the fictitious, underage girl. In addition to stating his intentions, Said also sent nude photos of himself and requested photos of the girl.

“‘Amanda’ asks: ‘Hey it’s Amanda 🙂 I’m 11 is that fine.’

“Said replied: ‘Yup. Age doesn’t matter for me.'”

“It was made clear that she was 11 years of age. The defendant was 24,” Adkin argued. “There were a number of conversations over the following days which culminated in the meeting arrangement. He said he was okay with her being 11 years old and said it would be nice to have sex. He asked her to send him pictures of herself.”

Although Said didn’t have an actual encounter with an underage girl, his implications were incriminating enough. However, Said actually defended himself, claiming that he was unaware his actions were a violation of the law.

Needless to say, the excuse definitely wasn’t enough to persuade the judge to go easy on him. Judge Tim Gittins made it clear that Said would be held accountable for his actions. Based on all of the incriminating evidence against Said, the judge insisted that Said’s actions are inexcusable.

“Your excuse that you didn’t know the law of this country simply will not wash. It is right to say that your discussions centered around hugging and kissing her but you also said it would be nice to have sex with her, with an eleven-year-old girl. Further, to support that, you sent an explicit photograph of yourself. You went and met her, thinking you going to meet a girl who was well under age and you were met by the group that caught you, videoed you and contacted the police so that you could be dealt with.”

Over the past year, Dark Justice has contributed to the arrests of five other pedophiles and 37 child abusers. The organization took to Twitter with an announcement regarding Said’s case. He has reportedly been sentenced to two years in prison for the sexual grooming of an 11-year-old girl he attempted to meet in person.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]