‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador Calls Reunion Parts Two And Three ‘Epic,’ Claims To Have Proof Brooks Ayers Faked Cancer

'RHOC' Star Shannon Beador Calls Reunion Parts Two And Three 'Epic,' Claims To Have Proof Brooks Ayers Was Faking Cancer [Image via Bravo]

Despite the slow start to the Real Housewives of Orange County’s reunion special, the drama is about to ramp up as part two of the reunion airs next week. With that in mind, Shannon Beador recently revealed that the second and third parts are going to be epic, as the questions surrounding Brooks Ayers and his cancer continue to mount.

According to Reality Tea, Beador promises that the reunion will be one that fans won’t want to miss.

“The bottom line is, there was a lot of ground to cover, so you are going to see the most tame stuff [first]. Parts two and three of the reunion are going to be crazy,” Beador explained. “When you see the reunion parts two and three you’re going to be blown away. It’s mind blowing… Episodes two and three are epic. Epic. EPIC. Things you haven’t seen before.”

The central issue this season has revolved around Vicki Gunvalson and her former boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Specifically, the controversy started after allegations surfaced that Ayers was lying about being diagnosed with cancer. Since then, the ladies have been fighting with each other, and the issue has reached a tipping point that will culminate in the reunion.

Shannon and David Beador RHOC season 10 reunion

In regards to Gunvalson sticking by Ayers throughout the entire season, Shannon Beador and her husband, David, were unapologetic about not standing by Gunvalson.

“You can’t stand by someone who’s lying,” David remarked. “We have caught Vicki in other lies. She lied last year, that I was hitting on her, said to Terry and Heather. She lied about that. That’s why Terry and Heather went after me at the reunion last year. Because Vicki was feeding them lies about me. It’s freaking bull***t.”

Meanwhile, Ayers has yet to provide evidence that he actually has cancer. This issue is expected to be dealt with in full in the coming reunion episode.

In a preview clip for the reunion released by People, Gunvalson addresses the issue of evidence by admitting, “I don’t have any proof that he’s not faking cancer. And I don’t have proof he is.”

However, Beador is shown responding to Gunvalson’s comments by saying, “I do.” Does this mean that Beador is ready to reveal additional information about Ayers’ cancer in part two of the reunion special? Based on her comments, it seems likely that she will, especially as Gunvalson is seen breaking down later in the video.

“I didn’t lie on purpose,” Gunvalson tells her co-stars in the clip.

Exactly what kind of evidence Beador has that proves Ayers is lying about cancer is yet to be revealed. The only thing that is known is that one side is going to be vindicated very soon. Whatever it turns out to be, the issue of Ayers cancer isn’t the only thing that is going to make the reunion a drama-filled affair.

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers RHOC Season 10 reunion

In fact, along with the situation involving Ayers, Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culberson is set to make some startling accusations of her own. According to Beador, Briana “lays some stuff out” in the coming episode.

At the same time, David added that the situation between Gunvalson and her daughter is a something that no daughter should have to go through.

“It’s so bad for Briana – she has to tell the truth or she has to lie for her mom,” he stated. “It’s ridiculous. It’s a horrible position to put your daughter in. It’s even worse when you call your daughter a s**t stirrer.”

Fans can watch all the drama between Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, and Brooks Ayers unfold as part two of the reunion for The Real Housewives of Orange County is set to air Monday night on Bravo.

[Image via Bravo]