Animal Rescue Dog Returns Favor For Texas Woman Who Can’t Move

An animal rescue dog in Texas returned the favor when her owner couldn’t move. Sometimes it pays to do something kind for our furry friends because you never know when they might rescue you in return.

Mabel is a black Labrador retriever who had been rescued from an animal shelter three years ago by labor and delivery nurse Janet Wihelm of McKinney, Texas, and her husband, Ron. Mr. Wihelm had been gone for the day when Janet had taken a nasty fall and injured herself enough to make it near impossible to move on her own. She had no access to a phone where she’d fallen in the garage.

Janet had a cell phone, but it was in the kitchen, nestled in her purse where it was of no use to her when she first needed it. That was when her animal rescue dog, Mabel, did something she hadn’t expected. After Janet grabbed Mabel’s collar, the dog started backing away.

WFAA reports Janet as saying, “I grabbed her collar and she started backing up towards the house. I was like ‘What is she doing? She’s trying to get away from me,’ I thought.”

It turned out Mabel was actually attempting to pull Janet into the house because her owner knew she couldn’t move.

“I could not move. It was just debilitating. It was one of the moments where [I thought], ‘Am I gonna get out of this?'”

Animal rescue dog saves owner after big fall
Janet Wihelm and her hero Mabel [Image via Screen Grab / WFAA]

Of course, not all owners have been so charitable to their pets and rescued them in a very different way: One owner gave her kitten away, according to the Inquisitr. The furry one had come with a note saying, “Mommy’s boyfriend is mean to me.” The best thing the kitten’s owner could do was take it out of the home and let someone else care for it.

Janet and her husband greatly benefitted from taking care of animal rescue dog Mabel. After a bad fall immobilized her owner, it took Mabel an hour and a half to drag Janet 20 feet into the house, says Liftbump. Mabel had dragged her close to her purse, where the cell phone was located.

Janet managed to use the phone and call her husband, and then showered Mabel with praise.

“I was so happy she was there. I was like ‘Good girl, good girl. I love you, I love you.’ I was just so happy.”

Had the animal rescue dog not returned the favor, Janet could have lay there for eight or more hours and suffered further complications from the injury. She had fractured her pelvis in five places.

Dr. Eduardo Acosta of the Medical Center of McKinney had told her, “You are immobilized because of the pain. Every time you try to move you have pain shooting down there.”

Now recovering from her fall, Janet Wihelm expects to be walking again in two weeks. Without the help of her animal rescue dog Mabel, though, she might have needed extensive surgery to reconstruct her pelvis, which could have left her bedridden for several months.

In Serbia, a man has been working tirelessly to help dogs find a new home. Operating entirely through donations and with the help of volunteers, Sasa Pejcic has created a sanctuary for homeless dogs. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Pejcic’s project really is a heaven for dogs.

Cats and dogs all over the world still remain homeless, and it is encouraged that we adopt them either off the streets or from animal shelters instead of buying them from pet stores. Rescuing animals can pay off much more than buying them, as Janet Wihelm discovered.

You never know when an animal rescue dog or cat might rescue you in return.

[Image via Screen Shot / WFAA]