Julie Plec Hints ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Ending

Julie Plec has hinted her ending date for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. This is off the back of the announcement that she will be the executive producer on a third show, Containment.

There have been many speculations that season seven will be the last for those in Mystic Falls. The Originals may have a little longer, but with the time jumps, many fans suspect that Plec is setting it all up to end. That could not be further from the truth. It turns out that the show runner wants to keep the show going as long as possible. She will keep doing that as long as people want her to, including the network executives and the fans.

Julie Plec Shares More About Ending 'The Vampire Diaries'

The only reason the network executives would take any show off air is if it was not getting enough viewers. The CW tends to have a lower viewer rate compared to others networks, but The Vampire Diaries is still one of the most watched on the network. Even though fans were disappointed that Elena Gilbert would be coming out of the show at the end of season six—a decision made by Nina Dobrev—there are still plenty of people watching to keep it going for now. The seventh season is just three episodes in, so there is plenty of time for that to change.

It will also depend on whether the writers want to keep going, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ending The Vampire Diaries is not just up to the show runner, but also those around her. She also has Caroline Dries to think of, who is a co-executive producer on the show. Plec has already previously said that she could see a few more years in the storytelling for both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

Plec’s new show Containment will be set in a different universe to that of her current vampire shows. Having two shows set within the same universe has been difficult at times. They both need to follow the same mythology and rules, and sometimes the storytelling has gone off track. Plec has had to pull it all back in and go back to the start to find another way to tell the story. She will not allow continuity to be broken for the sake of the story.

Bringing in new characters certainly helps to keep the story going. However, the shows are still bringing in familiar faces. For example, Entertainment Weekly reminds viewers that Tyler Lockwood could still return. The Vampire Diaries‘ time jump in episode three showed that Tyler is still alive.

Despite already having two shows, she is fully committed to Containment. It will be set after an outbreak of a deadly disease and is all about containing it. Like her other shows, she will not be the sole show runner. Matt Corman and Chris Ord have joined her team for that show.

Julie Plec Will End 'The Vampire Diaries' When She Others Want It To End

With her three shows at different points in their lives, she has shared how she spends her time. With The Vampire Diaries, it is mostly about the post-production work, while for The Originals she will spend time in the writer’s room. Season three of any show is the most important, because the show has built up traction and needs to keep that going. For Containment, she spends more time in Atlanta, where the show will be filmed. This allows her to find sets and gain some inspiration.

It looks like she has plans for the years to come. Plec certainly does not want any of her shows to come to an end yet, and can still see life in The Vampire Diaries despite it being on the seventh season and her main female character no longer in it.

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