Oscar Producers Comment On Chris Rock As Host

Now that it’s official that Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars, the producers of the show are coming forward to detail why they think he’s the best choice to host the awards ceremony, after he inked his deal.

As the Inquisitr reported, people have been mixed about the announcement that Chris Rock is hosting the upcoming ceremony, which is slated to take place on February 28 in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Now, the producers are coming forward to defend their choice, and to highlight just why Rock will do a good job. You know, aside from the fact that he’s done it once before.

Producer Reginald Hudlin, who worked with the comedian on his show Everybody Hates Chris, sounded off to the Associated Press. “His audition was actually at the 77th Academy Awards, where he was, to my mind, absolutely brilliant. He was the first name we had on our list, and we went after him. He very graciously agreed to do it, so we’re thrilled.”

Back in 2005, when he first hosted, Rock certainly brought in the viewers. An estimated 42 million people tuned in to watch Chris Rock’s brash sense of comedy, and how it would mix in an otherwise very stuffy ceremony. Perhaps this time around, the producers wanted Rock because he was willing to come forward earlier in the year about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

In an essay penned by Rock, the comedian wrote, “It’s a white industry. Just as the NBA is a black industry. I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing. It just is. And the black people they do hire tend to be the same person. That person tends to be female and that person tends to be Ivy League.”

He continued, “How many black men have you met working in Hollywood? They don’t really hire black men. A black man with bass in his voice and maybe a little hint of facial hair? Not going to happen. It is what it is. I’m a guy who’s accepted it all.”

With that in mind, David Hill said it’s the same brash style in his comedy that keeps Rock refreshing an appealing to all audiences. “Chris does tend to speak the truth. That didn’t bother us one little bit. Why should it?”

He has a point. If the Oscars wanted to go safe, then they wouldn’t have picked Rock, and maybe, just maybe, this means he’ll be entertaining to watch. Even though it’s pretty hard to sit through a three-and-a-half hour ceremony and be entertained the whole way through, if there’s anyone that can keep you on the edge of your seat, it’s Chris Rock. This is why comedian Ricky Gervais did so well when he hosted back to back for the Golden Globes. He was merciless with his jokes — no one was safe.

Hudlin also highlighted Rock’s prestige now that he’s no longer a new kid on the block. “The fact that he is, at this point in his career, a complete industry veteran — as a performer, as a writer, as a producer as a director — in feature films and documentary. He’s our idea of the perfect host.”

Not everyone has agreed that Rock is the perfect host. The comments were a mixed bag when Entertainment Weekly announced the news. One user commented that they don’t find him funny and that he’s a terrible option to host, while another point to his age as his lack of appeal. The commenter said he “hasn’t churned out much noteworthy works in a while.. risky risky.”

What are your thoughts on Rock hosting Hollywood’s biggest night?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET]