Miami-Dade Prosecutor Suspended for Punching Pizza Delivery Woman

Miami-Dade County prosecutor David Ranck was suspended without pay on Monday for allegedly punching a Dominos Pizza delivery woman who arrived late at his condo.

Ranck was found outside standing near the pizza lady’s car when police arrived at the scene. Yudisceus Rodriguez de Armas had locked herself inside the car and was shaking and in tears. Ranck was charged with misdemeanor battery and signed papers promising to appear in court.

According to police reports, this is how the situation unfolded:

Ranck ordered a pizza Saturday night. When Rodriguez arrived, she called Ranck’s cellphone because she could not get into his gated condo building.

From the balcony, Ranck began yelling at her, she told police. She speaks Spanish and did not understand Ranck. Ranck came downstairs and knocked off Rodriguez’s Domino’s visor, then punched her in the arm, ”leaving a bright red mark,” the report said.

A neighbor, roused by the commotion, witnessed the battery, the report said.

Ranck admitted hitting Rodriguez, but only after she struck him with her cellphone, he said. When Ranck stepped in front of her car, he claimed, Rodriguez drove it toward him, tapping his thigh.

Ranck never did get the pizza he ordered.

[Source: The miami Herald]