Paris Jackson Is Not Married, Says Source, While Prince Jackson Talks Paternity

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson, changed her last name on her social media account to “Castellaw,” the surname of her current boyfriend Chester Castellaw. Yet, a source close to the family insists that she isn’t married, despite the new last name.

Woman’s Day reports that 17-year-old Paris took to Instagram to change her last name earlier this week. She now goes by “Paris Jackson Castellaw,” but the couple hasn’t indicated that they are actually married or that they even plan to get married anytime soon. Like many young people in love, it seems that Paris took on Chester’s last name as a way to show her affection for her boyfriend on social media, minus an actual marriage certificate.

Although Paris Jackson changed her name on Instagram, a family friend insists she's not married.

Although Paris herself hasn’t confirmed nor denied if an actual marriage took place, the undisclosed source close to the Jackson family indicated that loved ones are protecting Paris and would never allow her to wed without the proper planning, including a valid prenuptial agreement.

“That’s Michael Jackson’s legacy, and there’s no way they want any part of it at risk!”

Paris Jackson didn't get secretly married, according to a source close to her family.

Radar reports part of the Michael Jackson legacy includes a net worth that could increase to $2 billion. At the same time, however, according to the same source, family members don’t want to anger Paris, so they are reportedly approaching the subject of prenuptials lightly.

“It’s a dilemma. Family members want Paris to get going on her prenup, but they’re walking on eggshells. They don’t want to get her angry or, worse, have her cut them off.”

Meanwhile, Prince Jackson, the King of Pop’s oldest son, is facing his own dilemmas on social media. Showbiz 411 reports that the college freshman still deals with people questioning his paternity, indicating that he isn’t Michael Jackson’s biological son and that he, in fact, the son of Michael’s former dermatologist, Arnold Klein.

“Everyone knows you are a Rowe-Klein NOT A Jackson!! Yall should stop trying to put on a FAKE front and get real.”

 Prince Jackson replied to rumors of Arnold Klein being his biological father, stating that Michael Jackson will always be his father, regardless of DNA.

Instead of debating with the skeptics, Prince answered with a classy response on Twitter.

“‘The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.’ I was raised by my dad with my brother and sister.”

Since Michael’s death in 2009, all three of his children have been subjected to ridicule and harassment, with reports of people allegedly trying to take samples of Paris’ hair in order to test her DNA. New York Daily News reports that security had to sweep up and contain every strand of her hair after the then 11-year-old Paris got a haircut in Las Vegas.

The rumors and speculations around Jackson’s children are hurting the entire family, according to Taj Jackson, the King of Pop’s nephew and the star of the new Lifetime series, The Jacksons: The Next Generation. The 42-year-old stated on Twitter, as well as the premiere of the new reality show, that he hopes the series will help protect the Jackson legacy and help people see through the rumors that continue to plague his family.

The series premiere on October 2 clearly showed a loving family, including Michael’s two sons, who partook in a family game of paintball. Paris Jackson, along with her siblings, is slated to appear in upcoming episodes.

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