October 26, 2015
After China, Another Ghostly 'Floating City' Appears Over Hastings, U.K. -- Sighting Sparks Rumor CERN'S LHC Has Opened Doorway To Parallel Universe [Video]

Following a report by the Inquisitr that thousands witnessed on October 7, a ghostly, "floating city" in the skies over the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China, residents of Hastings in the U.K. have also reportedly sighted a similar apparition.

Recent sightings of "floating cities" in the skies across the globe have sparked conspiracy theory rumors that CERN scientists may have created a mini black hole in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and opened a doorway to an extra-dimensional parallel universe.

According to Express, photos snapped in the coastal town of Hastings in East Sussex, England, and uploaded to Facebook, appear to show a ghostly "floating city" with skyscrapers in the skies over the town.

One of the photos was uploaded to Facebook by Natasha Marie who said it was snapped by her mother-in-law, a resident of Hastings. Marie said her mother-in-law captured the "floating city" in the sky when she was snapping coastal scenes during sunset.

According to the Inquisitr, the appearance of a ghostly "floating city" over the Chinese city of Foshan, and the province of Jiangxi a few days later, was not the first time that a "floating" city was reported over a Chinese city. A massive mirage resembling a city with skyscrapers was reportedly seen over the city of Huangshan in the southern Anhui province in 2011.

Interdimensional City Over Hastings, U.K.
'Parallel Universe Floating City' Over Hastings, U.K. [Photo YouTube via Natasha Marie/Facebook]The Inquisitr also reported sighting of a "floating city" apparition by hundreds of residents of rural communities in Dulali, in the Lanzai South Ward of Darazo Local Government area of Bauchi State, northern Nigeria.

The YouTube conspiracy theorist, Dahboo77, also reports (see video above) a similar mirage that appeared recently over Orange, California.

Floating City Over Foshan In China
'Floating City' With Skycrapers Over Foshan, China [Photo via YouTube Screengrab]The sudden upsurge in global reports of sightings of "floating cities" in the sky has sparked speculations in conspiracy theory circles, with many wondering whether there is a reason why ghostly "floating cities" are appearing in the skies over several cities across the world lately.
"This is crazy, what is going on? Is it the same city? Is this some sort of sign?"

"This is the exact same Image from the sky above China. There is something crazy going on! And I would say is this is Project Blue Beam!"

Although weather experts have explained that the sightings are a form of naturally occurring optical illusion called Fata Morgana, conspiracy theorists argue that the rarity of occurrence of the Fata Morgana phenomenon in nature suggests a different explanation for the recent multitude of sightings.

"Fata Morgana mirages are caused by rays of light undergoing bending when they pass through layers of air with different temperatures."

Some conspiracy theorists proposed that the sightings could be due to tests of the latest Project Blue Beam holographic image projection technology with the aim of seeing how city dwellers would react. The suggestion led to speculations about the imminence of launching of NASA's Illuminati elite-sponsored Satanic New World Order (NOW) agenda first predicted by the Quebecois conspiracy theorist Serge Monast in the 1980s.

Parallel Universe City Seen In Nigeria
'Floating Interdimensional City' Seen Over Bauchi, Northern Nigeria [Photo by YouTube Screengrab]A competing theory has emerged lately in conspiracy theory circles. The theory suggests that the sightings are intrusions of a parallel universe following the creation of a mini black hole in CERN's Large Hadron collider (LHC).

According to conspiracy theorists, scientists may have created a mini black hole in the LHC and inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension triggering the intrusion of a parallel universe into ours.

In other words, CERN scientists conducting experiments to reproduce conditions in the early universe soon after the theoretical Big Bang may have opened up an extra-dimensional wormhole in the fabric of space and time.

YouTube conspiracy theorists Paranormal Crucible speculate that recent the "floating city" sightings could be a "temporal vortex, or a possible parallel universe materializing briefly into our own reality."

The conspiracy theory blog All News Pipeline (ANP), also suggests that CERN scientists may have opened doorways to a parallel universe and that they could be preparing the world for what ANP's Susan Duclos describes as an "inter-dimensional savior," presumably a reference to the expected "Antichrist."

Duclos argues that the suggestion that CERN scientists working with the LHC have linked to a parallel universe is compelling, following recent media reports that the scientists are analyzing the latest data collected from LHC experiments and could soon announce discovery of a parallel universe.

[Image via YouTube, Natasha Marie/Facebook]