UK Couple Blamed Ghosts On Baby’s Violent Death

A UK couple have reportedly accused ghosts of being responsible for the horrific death of an infant in a story that is garnering worldwide attention. The Mirror reports that Tereza Lackova and Marek Holub are accused of brutally abusing the 14-month-old for weeks leading up to his demise. Not only are the details about the child’s death shocking to read, but their attempts at shifting the blame from themselves is nothing short of ridiculous.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Marek Holub has finally confessed to taking part in the torturous death of 14-month-old Santino Balaz, the younger half-brother of his girlfriend Tereza Lackova. The 14-month-old infant was in the care of 20-year-old Lackova and Holub, who is 27-years-old, when he suffered numerous injuries. He died from his injuries on New Year’s Day, but the case is attracting attention recently due to the details that are being released, and because the two admitted killers are going to be sentenced in the Leicester Crown Court this week.

The life of baby Santino was tragic from the beginning. A handful of months before his violent death, his own mother left from the UK to the Czech Republic. She left him in the care of his two older sisters (which included Tereza Lackova). However, one of the sisters ended up leaving Santino behind just two months later. He had nobody in his life but Tereza and her boyfriend Marek Holub. He was doomed the moment he was left in the care of these two people, who have been found guilty of abusing him until the point of his demise.

A postmortem report found that baby Santino possibly died by asphyxiation through the numerous injuries he suffered. However, authorities have clarified that it’s not entirely conclusive. In other words, the little lad suffered so many injuries that a specific cause of death has been difficult to pinpoint. One thing is for certain, though, and that’s that little Santino has suffered extensive injuries, which included multiple fractures.

Tereza Lackova Facebook photo

The Daily Mail reports that the death of Santino Balaz was discovered when paramedics were called to the home. The child was not breathing and was nonresponsive. When he was taken to the hospital, workers noted that he had multiple visible bruises all over his little body, including his face. That’s when Holub and Lackova were arrested in connection with his death. At the time of their arrests the UK couple told authorities that ghosts or spirits had been terrorizing the baby in their home, and that those ghosts were responsible for his violent death. Of course, that wasn’t true — obviously — and authorities didn’t even begin to entertain this half-baked attempt at concealing the truth.

Marek Holub has admitted to repeatedly beating the helpless 14-month-old infant in the weeks leading up to his death. Ultimately, he strangled baby Santino before leaving him to die in their Birmingham flat. He has also pleaded guilty to numerous charges, which include murder, child cruelty and neglect. Tereza Lackova entered guilty pleas associated with child neglect, as well as allowing the death of a child. In other words, she hasn’t been convicted of specifically inflicting damage to the child, but she did stand complicit while her boyfriend brutally murdered her defenseless little brother. She also participated in the lie that ghosts had murdered the child.

Santino Balaz never stood a chance against the 27-year-old man, who is being labeled a “thug” in the British mainstream media. His life was rife with abandonment and cruel physical abuse before he passed away, covered in bruises and suffering from numerous broken bones. This 14-month-old child was tortured for weeks before his life ended, but he will be given justice when the two people responsible for his death are sentenced.

[Photo: Leicester Court mugshots]