RHOC Reunion Shocks: Real Housewives’ Shannon Beador Uses ‘Judgey’ Eyes On Birth Control As Tamra Confesses Custody

The Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion each season weaves drama with humor and heartbreak, all orchestrated by Real Housewives maestro Andy Cohen (who always brings plenty of tissues to mop up his Housewives’ inevitable tears). But for the RHOC reunion for season 10, which was divided into three parts, there were some real reasons for the weeping from Tamra Judge as the cast that included Meghan King Edmonds, Shannon Beador, Vicki Gunvalson, and Heather Dubrow watched and learned about her hidden secret, reported the Christian Post.

The RHOC reunion contained some unexpected humor

Tamra has suffered through problems that she links to the custody arrangement that Judge and Simon share. The RHOC star revealed that her daughter Sidney has faulted Tamra for the marriage problems, and, therefore, she will not reside with Judge.

“I had no idea where it was coming from. She basically left that day and two years later has not come back,” said the heart-stricken Judge.

The RHOC star also revealed that although she and her daughter attempted to work things out, the stress of living life under the spotlight was too much. At 17, Sidney has the right to select with whom she wants to live, and Tamra is using her new faith in God to pray for a positive outcome, she added.

With Judge’s son Spencer residing with her at this time, the RHOC star shared that she feels going to church has centered her life.

“It felt right, it just gave me what I needed in life,” she added.

The RHOC reunion cast gets cozy.

As the Inquisitr reported, the Season 10 finale of Real Housewives of Orange County that was broadcast prior to the reunion showcased Tamra’s baptism, as well as the continuing controversy among the RHOC cast as to whether or not Vicki’s ex, Brooks Ayers, has cancer.

Among the drama, Shannon Beador rushed to confront Vicki because she was convinced that the other RHOC star was responsible for spreading the gossip about Shannon’s marriage problems.

“I’ve done nothing wrong hereā€¦ I’m being nailed to the cross like Jesus was and he did nothing wrong. He’s Jesus Christ and he did nothing wrong and he was nailed to the cross. That’s how I feel,” declared Vicki in her comparison of herself to Jesus Christ.

In her analysis of that remark, Tamra expressed her concern.

“You’re not Jesus and you’re not getting nailed to the cross, but you could be going to hell if you’re lying about cancer,” commented Judge.

Andy Cohen poses with his RHOC cast.

The RHOC reunion also contained some bizarre moments, as pointed out by Us Weekly.

Meghan did an imitation of what she termed as the “judge-y” eyes of Shannon Beador. And the cast heard from an ex-RHOC cast member Alexis Bellino, who wrote a letter to Andy discussing her own Christian faith and crucifying Tamra in the process.

In addition, Beador fought back at Meghan by challenging the fact that she gave Hayley the choice to go on birth control.

“I think I was a little bit vocal about it because of the way that she presented it,” said Shannon. “You started out the conversation with ‘I made the decision.'”

Meghan King Edmonds finds herself on the hot seat at the RHOC reunion.

However, Meghan said that she feels at 17, Hayley is old enough to discuss sex, and while she doesn’t claim to condone it, she did want to provide her with the opportunity to go on birth control.

After the RHOC reunion broadcast, Alexis used social media to apologize to Tamra Judge, reported the Daily Dish.

“I can see how my email might have come came across judgmental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that,” stated the apology.

However, Alexis also criticized Andy for skipping the section of her email that shared her hope for Tamra.

“I truly hope Tamra has found the Lord because He will be the most invaluable precious thing she will ever have in life,” was the message that Alexis said she wanted to share.

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