Bernie Sanders Is An ‘Utter Moron’ According To Decorated Actor James Woods

Out of all the upcoming Democratic hopefuls for the 2016 presidency, the one that is receiving the most attention is Bernie Sanders. Hailing out of Vermont, the incumbent of the United States Senate has been garnering a lot of the popular vote among liberals for his ideals and plans for the country if he were to become president. Some say it is because he has spearheaded a positive outlook for democratic socialism. Ergo, Sanders is an advocate for raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare, reducing the burden of student debt, and making education free.

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After his performance at the first Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders was seen on a positive note, and many are now supporting him enough to be on par with Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. However, Sanders was also seen in a negative note too as exampled by what decorated actor James Woods has said about him. Apparently, Woods thinks Sanders is an “utter moron.”

According to CBS DC, James Woods’ insult towards Bernie Sanders came after the latter compared China’s paid maternity leave policies to that of the United States. Under Chinese law, women are granted at least 14 weeks of paid leave, more if there are pregnancy complications or if there is more than one child born. Sanders utilized this fact to push the need for laws that provide maternity leave in the United States, something that is currently absent.

The problem with Bernie Sanders using China as a model is that he omitted — either purposely or not — aspects about having children that would leave a sour taste in people’s mouths. This includes the infamous “one-child” law they have, a means to control the growth of their population given the fact that China has over 1.3 billion people living in the country since 2013. The only exception to the law is if the first child is female. Couples can conceive another child in hopes of bearing a son as a means to pass on the family name. However, there is a disgusting loophole if the second child so happens to be female too, and that is to simply kill her. James Woods utilized those facts in response to Sanders’ tweet.

Apparently, Bernie Sanders’ naysayers have called out the Democratic presidential hopeful’s nitpicking of details to help bolster his campaign. Going back to his advocating of social democracy, Sanders enforces such is good because its been successful in Nordic countries. However, Sanders does not recognize the major differences in population of Nordic countries from the United States. The most a Nordic country has in population is about five million. Compared to the United States’ 321 million, that is a mere blip. Government theory states socialism simply does not work in large and diverse populations, two details the United States population is.

To be fair though, James Woods calling Bernie Sanders an “utter moron” can equate to the fact that he is a strong conservative. The actor, known for his roles in Casino, Nixon, and White House Down, have made his intentions known when it comes to liberals, as reported by CNN Politics.

As for the millions on social media who want to have their voice heard, the argument on supporting either Bernie Sanders and James Woods is split. Those who support Woods agree with the actor that Sanders is an “utter moron.” As for those who support Sanders, they bring up the fact that Sanders and Woods do indeed agree China is not a model for human rights if people were to read Sanders’ tweet carefully.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]