Journalist whines while Huffington Posts tries to help

The $1.75 million Huffington Post investigative journalism fund is under attack by a journalist signed up by the fund on the grounds that The Huffington Post couldn’t adequately edit her work.

Freelance Wall Street reporter Teri Buhl tells Business Insider the Huffington Post fund is having trouble “getting any content out” and that they “lied about having their site ready and a having a business editor to edit my work.” Buhl goes on to whine that the editors for the fund had no business editing experience, and that the head of the fund Nick Penniman doesn’t have print experience, hence “he has no idea what he’s doing to try and cover the econ crises.”

Business Insider claims it’s a rocky start for the fund, but that’s only true if you accept that the fund mistakenly hires snotty journalists who need their hands held and are incapable of functioning without the intense participation of an editor. As we know, that model is working great for newspapers in 2009.

The Huffington Post investigative journalism fund needs to add the following question on the application for writers: are you capable of looking after yourself? If not, please do not apply.