‘Destiny’ No Time To Explain Quest Uncovered, How To Complete

The deployment of a Destiny hotfix patch Tuesday also brought with it the long-suspected quest for the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle. PlayStation and Xbox players quickly dove into the “Not Forged in Light” quest chain and confirmed all of the necessary steps receive the Exotic weapon.

First, credit should go to Reddit users CrimsonBlade104, swrdsmn13, and IsThisALongEnuffName for discovering and sharing all the steps to complete the latest Destiny time-delayed quest. It has approximately the same number of steps as the Sleeper Simulant quest, but you’ll need to complete an important requirement first before finding some friends to run with.

The Requirement

There is one major requirement that must be fulfilled to launch the quest to receive the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle. The first requirement is to obtain Praedyth’s Cult Ghost from the Paradox mission when it is in the Daily Heroic Story Mission hopper. This Inquisitr article will explain how to obtain the Ghost as there are several steps involved.

Once this requirement is completed, you will receive a new quest called “Not Forged in Light” that has the following steps to complete.

Destiny Lakshmi-2 Future War Cult Leader (PlayStation, Xbox)

Step 1 – Get cozy with the Future War Cult

The second requirement is to pledge allegiance to the Future War Cult leader Lakshmi-2. New Monarchy and Dead Orbit faction purists will only need to do this for a week and then they can switch their factions back the following week.

You then need to donate materials or Motes of Light to the Future War Cult to gain approximately 1,000 reputation points with Future War Cult until the next step of the quest is given.

Step 2 – Taken Minotaur Hunting

Players will need to hunt down a Major or Ultra Taken Minotaur to complete the next step. This can be done on Venus during patrols when the Taken public events start. The Ember Caves and the Citadel are both good zones to find one, as they will spawn as Lieutenants in both locations.

Killing the Taken Minotaur will earn a Simulation Core. “Shatter” (aka dismantle) this to open up the next step of the quest, which is to speak with Lakshmi-2 in the Tower.

Step 3 – Visit Lakshmi-2

Visiting Lakshmi-2 in the Tower will open up the next step in the quest chain, which will require you to find a few friends.

Destiny Vault of Glass (PlayStation, Xbox)

Step 4 – Complete Vault of Glass Raid

Now you have a reason to run the Vault of Glass Raid again. Find a Fireteam and kill Atheon.

Those who have problems finding a Fireteam should checkout websites like DestinyLFG, the100, and even the Fireteams Reddit group. These groups and others were previously covered as useful resources for all Destiny players.

Killing Atheon will give you his eye. Dismantling that will unlock the next step of the quest chain, which is to speak to Lakshmi-2 once again.

Step 5 – Talk with Lakshmi-2

Bounce back to the Tower to get the next step of the quest from Lakshmi-2. This unlocks a new mission on Earth.

Step 6 – Complete “Shadow at Twilight” Mission

This new mission on Earth is a single-player mission based set on the Twilight Gap multiplayer map. Players will need to find a chest in the Crucible arena that can be hidden in different locations. Community members are reporting the chest is typically found on the opposite side of the map from the spawn point.

Another twist to this mission is that players will slowly lose the ability to see as they wander about the Crucible map. There will be pools of light to run through to cleanse and recover sight.

Once the chest is found, it’s back to the Tower once again to speak with Lakshmi-2.

Destiny Black Garden (PlayStation, Xbox)

Step 7 – Complete “Blood of the Garden” Mission

The final mission is a repeat of the “Black Garden” mission, with an increased difficulty variant. This is a 290 Light Level mission and a Fireteam is recommended.

Players will need to kill a Groundskeeper Minotaur, but this can only be accomplished by killing minions to anger him. Once players get the Groundskeeper’s anger over 100 percent, he will spawn, and players must keep his anger above 100 percent or he leaves.

According to Reddit user silverangold, the best way to complete this mission is to have one Fireteam member dedicated to killing minions while the other one or two fires at the Groundskeeper.

Step 8 – See Lakshmi-2 about a Pulse Rifle

Destiny No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle (PlayStation, Xbox)

Visit Lakshmi-2 in the Tower one final time to receive the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle. It is a 290 Light level Exotic that is a near duplicate of the Stranger’s Rifle with a nice bonus Exotic perk.

The first column perks are Smooth Ballistics, Accurized Ballistics, and Smart Drift Control; the second column perk is Full Auto; the third column perks are Speed Reload, Hand Loaded, and Fitted Stock. The final column perk is called “Rewind Again” and returns precision shots to the magazine.

[Image via Bungie]