‘Destiny’ Patches Nightfall Rewards But Is It Enough? Nightstalker No Longer Glitched

Scott Grill - Author

Oct. 20 2015, Updated 10:22 a.m. ET

Bungie deployed a Destiny hotfix patch on Tuesday to fix a couple of pressing issues with Nightstalker Hunters and Nightfall rewards, while also preparing for the launch of the new King’s Fall Hard Mode Raid. PlayStation and Xbox players can look forward to an improved loot table for both Nightfall and the weekly bounties offered by Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

The Destiny hotfix patch is relatively tiny, at only 1.54 MB. It should be a quick download for players, though, so they can hop in quickly to the game.

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Nightstalker Hunters will no longer be able to take an infinite number of shots from their Shadowshot super ability with the “Quiver” perk. That is because Bungie has temporarily disabled the perk altogether. It will return once a permanent solution has been put in place.

Bungie delayed the restart of Trials of Osiris due to the Nightstalker glitch. We are awaiting word on if the competitive multiplayer mode will debut this week or the following week.

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As I previously covered as one of the six things Destiny needs to fix, the weekly Nightfall during Year One was a must-do challenge for players to tackle to earn loot and get an experience boost. The combination of modifiers plus potential to be kicked to orbit and made to start over from the beginning when everyone on a Fireteam dies made it a tense, white-knuckle exercise at times, and a glorious damage dealing romp at others.

The Year Two change of no longer being forced back into orbit on a wipe is welcome, but the Nightfall has lost some of the risk / reward. The loot drops at the end are a mixed bag, sometimes rewarding Engrams that produce weapons and gear at less than 280 Light. The activity also no longer gives an experience boost, which was a major reason for completing it every week. Additionally, the 500 reputation bonus for completing the Nightfall has been dropped to a paltry handful of Vanguard and Faction reputation points.


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