Former Miss Austria Ena Kadic Dies After Mountain Fall

Former Miss Austria Ena Kadic died on Tuesday, October 20 from injuries she sustained the day before after she fell off a mountain while jogging.

Kadic, who was born in Bosnia but grew up in Austria, lived in Tirol, where the Bergisel mountain is located. She was an avid runner and always enjoyed jogging along the mountain trails. She was going for one of her regular runs when she somehow managed to tumble 30 meters down the mountain. The 26-year-old former beauty queen was later discovered severely injured by two students and her mother 100 meters below Drachenfelsen (Dragon rock) panorama platform that overlooks the steep ravine of the Sill river, the Telegraph reports.

Before she lost consciousness, Kadic was able to grab her cell phone and contact her brother to tell him what had happened and give him an idea of where she was located. That is when her mother decided to look for her on her own, but she was later aided by the two students.

After Kadic was found, a helicopter was called to the scene of the incident and took Kadic to a hospital in Innsbruck, where she later succumbed to her injuries, which included injuries to her lung and pelvis, along with severe head trauma. Doctors at Innsbruck University Hospital said she died on Monday evening at 10:30 p.m.

Since her fall, the local police have launched an investigation to determine how Kadic, the 2013 beauty competition winner, would have fallen off of a path she regularly took and knew so well.

“We don’t know exactly where she fell from,” Kontrollinspektor Stefan Eder, a spokesman for the Tyrol police, said, according to the Irish Independent. “She could have fallen from the viewing platform or she could have fallen from the mountainside.”

“There are no indications of foul play or that this was a suicide attempt,” Kontrollinspektor Eder added. “At the moment we think it was an accident, but we have to carry out further investigations.”

After being crowned Miss Austria in 2013, Ena Kadic went on to take part in the Miss World contest in Indonesia. Miss World issued a statement on Tuesday, via Facebook, following the news of Kadic’s death. They also shared two photos of the 2013 pageant winner, one of her with the fellow contestants and the other with her wearing her evening gown.


“It is with great sadness that we learn this morning of the passing of Ena Kadic, who represented Austria at Miss World 2013. After suffering an accident running along the Bergisel mountain, Ena has succumbed to her injuries. Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Ena, and we wish them strength in these sad times. ‪#‎MissWorld2013‬ ‪#‎MissAustria‬ ‪#‎MWClassOf2013‬”

After competing in the Miss World pageant, Kadic withdrew from the public life, telling Seitenblicke magazine that “the media, the events, the parties — that life did not make me so happy.”

According to the latest statistics, approximately 115 people died and 2,385 were injured between May and September 2015 in the Austrian alps.

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