‘Back To The Future’ Day — All The Ways To Celebrate The Most Anticipated Day In Movie History

For 26 years, millions of people have been waiting for the date of October 21, 2015, and it’s finally here. It’s going to officially be known as Back to the Future Day, and it’s hard to believe that the “future” Doc Brown and Marty McFly arrived in is truly here. Still, it’s not exactly as Robert Zemeckis portrayed it to be, but it’s still awesome.

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty (Micheal J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) had to travel to October 21, 2015, and it was for a huge reason. It’s Marty’s kids. Something has got to be done about his kids.

Marty’s son gets in trouble with Griff Tannen (Biff Tannen’s grandson) and ends up jail. Then, Marty’s daughter tries to break her brother out of jail and ends up in prison for 20 years. While traveling back to the future to save Marty McFly’s children aren’t on the agenda, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Back to the Future Day.

Unfortunately, one of them won’t be watching Jaws 19, which recently had a really cool fake trailer released a few weeks ago.

Fans can watch marathons of the trilogy at home if they so wish, or they may be able to find a local theater showing them all. Many theaters across the country are running Back to the Future marathons with all three films airing back-to-back-to-back.

Don’t be fooled by those trying to tell you that October 21, 2015, isn’t Back to the Future Day. As CNN reported, there are many photoshopped images that have popped up online over the years to make people think it was the big day.

No, it wasn’t, but this is the real deal.

For those who want to be ready, you can celebrate Back to the Future Day by attempting to get one of the limited edition Pepsi Perfect bottles being released. Only 6,500 will exist, but some people are New York Comic-Con got first dibs so even less remain now.

back to the future day pepsi perfect

If you’re a sports fan, you could take in Game 4 of the NLDS and watch the New York Mets take on the Chicago Cubs. Many people, even non-Cubs fans, are hoping Chicago makes it to the World Series, as it would make a Back to the Future Part II prophecy come true.

back to the future cubbies

As of this writing, the Mets lead the series 2-0 and there is a night on Tuesday evening.

Fans really hope that the Cubs do make it to the World Series, and NBC Chicago pinpoints why. If they do, Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) has said he would like to throw out the first pitch for the Cubbies, and that would be pretty awesome.

There are a number of ways to celebrate Back to the Future Day, and the movies are only the beginning. So many things haven’t ended up coming true from the movie by October 21, 2015, but it’s still an important date in cinematic history, and one that will be honored in numerous and “futuristic” ways.

[Images via Universal Pictures/PepsiCo]