Chinx On ‘Dash Dolls’ With Girlfriend Malika Haqq: Rapper’s After-Death Reality Show Appearance Brings Twitter Buzz [Video]

The rapper known as Chinx Drugz received plenty of “RIP Chinx” wishes on Twitter as soon as the news broke about Chinx Drugz being shot and killed in Jamaica, Queens, New York, as reported by the Inquisitr back on May 17. The tragic death of Chinx created plenty of drama online, with the protege of French Montana’s “Coke Boy” death revealing drama about the women in his life at the time his life was snuffed out in a drive-by shooting. Reality TV stars began reacting to Chinx’s murder within days after his death.

Chinx girlfriend wife

The best friend of Khloe Kardashian, Malika Haqq, reacted on Instagram to Chinx’s death — and uploaded a photo on Instagram of Malika and Chinx chilling out in a boat in the sunshine.


Malika was criticized by some followers in relation to Chinx, which Twitter listed as related topics due to so many searches for Malika’s name in relation to Chinx’s name. Many people assumed that Haqq was Chinx’s girlfriend, and with new footage of Chinx appearing on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ spin-off, titled Dash Dolls, viewers could see why Malika would consider herself Chinx’s girlfriend.

Previously, a Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewer recalled Malika speaking about an unnamed man that she liked being taken. Indeed, after Chinx’s death, it was made widely known that Chinx had been married for at least 8 years to a woman named Janelli Caceres-Pickens, who ended up calling Malika Chinx’s side chick. With new footage of Chinx being shown on Dash Dolls prior to his death, however, it appears Haqq was more than just a “side chick,” at least in Malika’s eyes, and perhaps Chinx’s eyes as well, as the two toast their relationship.

In the video clip showing Chinx with Malika on Dash Dolls, Haqq speaks about her and Chinx spending time together with friends, vacationing together and growing closer. Malika speaks of her and Chinx being really fond of each other, and the only barrier that Haqq brings up is the fact that she lives in Los Angeles and that Chinx lived elsewhere at the time. There’s no talk of his wife, or naming Janelli by name, but it’s apparent that Chinx wasn’t shy about putting his relationship with Malika on display in front of the Dash Dolls cameras prior to his death. Not exactly a move to make if one is trying to hide their supposed “side chick” from other people.

There was controversy over Chinx’s GoFundMe page after his death, and now the controversy over Chinx continues as people tweet their reactions to seeing Chinx on Dash Dolls. Some believe the footage should’ve been scrapped due to Chinx’s death, whilst others are just fine that the reality TV show is displaying life as it was prior to Chinx’s death.

In recent clips from Dash Dolls, Haqq doesn’t mention Chinx by name, but she gets relationship advice from Khloe, who tells her to talk to a therapist about choosing the same type of man. Malika’s sister, Khadijah, also advises Malika on Dash Dolls to get help. Khloe said that marriage counseling helped her and Lamar, so Kardashian told Malika to go and don’t wear make-up and pour her heart out — presumably over Chinx.

Malika stated how she still wanted to be friends with the unnamed man, but admitted that “once the panties come down,” she loses men as friends. Khloe said that yes, sex can complicate a friendship with a man.

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