Chinx Drugz Dead: French Montana Friend Died As @TeamShabbaOfficial Instagram Comment Says ‘I Told Him We Would Catch Him’ – But Is It An IG Hoax?

The Instagram comments for the rapper first known as Chinx Drugz and now simply Chinx are flowing in by the second. RIP Chinx just began trending on Twitter, with news that the rapper Chinx Drugz was shot and killed in Jamaica, Queens.

According to All Hip Hop, Chinx was killed in New York and what’s more troubling is the comment left by @teamshabbaofficial on the Chinx Instagram page. Currently, however, Instagram users are wondering if the @teamshabbaofficial bragging is a hoax, since his location is reportedly listed as Sweden. Apparently, those taking Instagram and Internet responsibility for Chinx’ death don’t know the dangers of doing so, and are being called little kids on Facebook.

teamshabbaofficial sweden

“I told him we would catch him [emojis of a demonic-looking face and a gun pointing to the left] rest in [urine] b****”

Chinx TeamShabbaOfficial murder claims

According to the website, the @teamshabbaofficial user page was deleted, and indeed @teamshabbaofficial cannot be found on Twitter as of this writing, even via a Google cache search. However, the @teamshabbaofficial Instagram page is still currently live. One of the latest posts posted to the Instagram account shows a photo of a gun.

teamshabbaofficial twitter instagram facebook gun chinx murder death

Another recent Instagram post for the account claiming responsibility for the death of Chinx shows an ominous warning to “Kill first then pray to god” with a man holding bottles of alcohol and smiling. That photo was likely stolen from the web from the page of a person that had nothing to do with the death of Chinx.

As reported by Pix11, 31-year-old Lionel “Chinx” Pickens was pronounced dead after being found shot in the torso in a car at Queens Boulevard and 84th Drive. Another unidentified 27-year-old shooting victim was found with Chinx, who is reportedly in critical condition at Jamaica Medical Center. While no one has been arrested yet in the murder of Chinx and the shooting of the other victim, no doubt these Instagram allegations are being followed closely by police.

More taunting photos of a car with bullet holes in the glass are being posted to the TeamShabbaOfficial Instagram account bragging about their shooting aim.

chinix shot dead not a hoax joke rip french montana

Indeed, comments about the alleged murder of Chinx are flowing into that Instagram page as well, along with the teamshabbaofficial Instagram responses.

“Ask about us in Queens 124th n***a think we care he a rapper.”

Instagram users seem incredulous that @teamshabbaofficial would claim responsibility for the death of Chinx on social media, and are trying to determine if the @teamshabbaofficial account is joking or telling the truth.

“Even if u ain’t do this the cops will be at ur door soon dummy.”

Those commenting on the shocking murder of Chinx are asking the @teamshabbaofficial account to post photos of themselves (or himself) at 124th Street in Queens in order to prove they are a real person. Warnings of the police coming for the person behind @teamshabbaofficial are rampant throughout Instagram and Twitter. The TeamShabbaOfficial Instagram page has a tagline that calls itself “gang worldwide” and was briefly made private.

teamshabbaofficial instagram page chinx teamshabbaofficial instagram private photos ig instagram

People are amazed, saying on Instagram that users would do anything for IG fame. Meanwhile, @teamshabbaofficial is issuing more threats on Instagram, telling one user that they are “a dead man walking.”

The Chinx Music Instagram page, meanwhile, is gathering plenty of comments, wishing Chinx “rest in peace” thoughts. The most recent Instagram post uploaded on May 17 has gathered more than 3,000 likes and 1,200 comments from Chinx fans who can’t believe he is dead.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the death of Chinx is one more shocking occurrence discovered through the world of social media. August Alsina also used Instagram to report to his fans that he is blind in one eye and trying to prevent further blindness in the other eye.

On Twitter, Chinx fans are also mentioning French Montana quite a bit because of his friendship with his protege, Chinx.

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