Residents Panic About Floating City Over China: Explanation Reveals Weather Phenomenon

People saw a floating city over China, and the phenomenon immediately started people talking on the internet and social media. Some feared that aliens had finally landed and were ready to invade like some scene out of a horror movie. Others thought it was some other ghostly or supernatural cause.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, others blamed the floating city sighting on NASA. Conspiracy theorists have long believed that NASA would one day create a hologram as part of the Blue Beam Project.

Residents in the cities of Foshan and Jiangxi in China reported a floating city appearing in the clouds. News outlets also reported on the strange phenomenon, and this is not the first time the phenomenon has frightened residents of China.

A similar sighting was reported in 2011, according to Express. Video was taken of the sighting at that time. YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible shared about the sighting in their video report. Project Blue Beam was also blamed for that sighting. People have said that the project will use holograms to fool people into thinking that aliens have arrived on this planet or that the second coming of Christ is at hand.

“The footage captured by a local resident appears to show a huge city floating in the clouds. The apparition, which was witnessed by hundreds of shocked residents, only lasted a few minutes before completely disappearing.”

However, there has been a reason given for this sighting, and it has nothing at all to do with aliens, ghosts, or a government conspiracy by NASA.

The sighting is being blamed on a phenomenon called Fata Morgana. Prof. Kenneth Bowman, an atmospheric scientist in Texas A&M University’s department of geosciences, spoke about the phenomenon in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor.

“The illusion is due to a slightly unusual temperature structure in the lower part of the atmosphere. Normally the atmospheric density decreases as you move up away from the surface. It’s the density of the air that determines the refracted index. So that’s what makes it behave somewhat like a lens.” [Therefore, a Fata Morgana] is the result of a big temperature inversion in the atmosphere. You can get inversions when temperatures get cold, the ground can cool off faster than the air that’s up above it. Especially in the fall and winter, you can get these shallow inversions.”

As the winter season approaches and the weather starts to cool, this could cause illusions such as the one seen over China recently. The drop in temperature can cause light to hit clouds in funny ways. That is what happened in this case.

Even with the explanation by scientists, some still believe there is something supernatural going on with this sighting. UFO hunters have shared sightings of strange things in the skies over Foshan in the past.

UFO Sightings Daily shared a photo of a strange object in the sky over the city of Foshan back in June. The object was seen over a cloud at sunset. However, the sighting was caused by another weather phenomenon. According to the report, the China News media reported on that sighting.

“The stunning picture, taken on June 17, 2015 shows rare lenticular clouds in the sky over Foshan in South China’s Guangdong province. The clouds are sometimes reported as UFOs, particularly the flying saucer, because of their lens shape.”

With so many people looking to the skies for signs of aliens, it is easy to get caught up in the panic when an image like this is captured. People do not watch The X-Files just for David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, after all. With alien invasion a popular topic in films and television shows, people still wonder what else is out there. This sighting in China is just another instance of that.

Have you ever seen something in the sky that you could not explain?

[Photo: Twitter]