Planned Parenthood ‘Fetal Tissue’ Video Stolen From Mother Of Stillborn Baby

Well, it just got really awkward for the makers of those Planned Parenthood fetal tissue harvesting videos. Like, really awkward. If there’s anything worse than harvesting the tissue of an aborted fetus, it has to be stealing the memorial video of a much-wanted stillborn and using it as propaganda. Unfortunately, and unimaginably, this is precisely what the people behind the Planned Parenthood “fetal tissue” videos did. CNN is reporting that the footage from the now-infamous “anti” Planned Parenthood video that claimed to show late-term aborted fetuses was stolen from Alexis Fretz, who posted the video to the internet to memorialize her stillborn son, Walter.

Frentz lost her much-wanted son in 2013. He was stillborn at 19 weeks, and Frentz posted images to the internet in an attempt to memorialize her lost child. The radical anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress utilized Frentz’s images for their anti-Planned Parenthood video without the consent of Frentz. The two-man group, let by David Daleiden, is very unapologetic for their theft of intellectual property.

“Was it clear? No it was not clear. Was it deceitful? I don’t know that.”

Despite being discredited by a Congressional investigation into the workings of Planned Parenthood, the Center for Medical Progress continues to stand behind their methods. This despite the fact that their footage of a 19-week “aborted fetus” that was allegedly being used for tissue sales was actually the video of a stillborn baby being remembered by his mother. Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina even cited the footage, calling Planned Parenthood into question based on the stolen, misappropriated video.

Fironia Iowa

What does this most recent revelation about the truth behind the Planned Parenthood defamation videos mean? That depends on where you live. In Utah, the governor and largely-Republican legislators voted behind closed doors to strip Planned Parenthood locations within the state of federal funds. Jurisdictional judges disagreed and have repeatedly stepped in to ensure that Planned Parenthood location within the state get the federal funds duly allocated to their operations, Fox 13 Now reports.

Texas, however, has taken a different route. That state has decided to strip Planned Parenthood of state-funded Medicaid payments. This means if you’re a woman in Texas looking for reproductive or sexual healthcare at a Planned Parenthood, your Medicaid is no longer going to cover that healthcare. Despite the fact that the videos that led to the most recent public outcry against Planned Parenthood were stolen from the grieving mother of a stillborn infant.

So, where do we go from here?

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that despite the recent Congressional hearings against Planned Parenthood, even right-wing members of Congress are now admitting that the “for the throat” approach was politically motivated, the Huffington Post reports. The most prominent member of Congress who spoke out against Planned Parenthood, Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), is now attempting to be elected Speaker of the House.


Planned Parenthood has also made some compromises since the first fraudulent video emerged. Despite the organization ensuring over and over, including under oath by way of its CEO, that all fetal tissue donation was done legally, procedural changes have been made. Planned Parenthood has now announced that the non-profit women’s health organization will no longer receive reimbursement payments for fetal tissue. This announcement was made last week, and it comes despite the fact that facilities and organizations that contribute to human tissue donation (think organs and blood) are reimbursed for their time, labor and efforts legally every day.

One can only hope that Planned Parenthood can continue its efforts to contribute to future medical advancement via the donation of fetal tissue that would otherwise be incinerated, despite fanaticism. The organization has withstood the most recent smear campaign with good grace and the law on its side. So, what do you think? How would you react if the images of your stillborn child (my condolences to Alexis Fretz) were used to create “anti” Planned Parenthood propaganda?

[Image Courtesy: Andrew Burton/Getty Imges]