Kevin Lee Plays Race Card On Sage Northcutt Saying He Will Have The Shortest Career The UFC Has Known — Clarifies Intentions In Double-Down

After his win at UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson, Sage Northcutt is the talk of the town, touted as the future of UFC if not MMA alone. “Super” has the body and looks of an Adonis, the manners of a gentleman, and plenty of cross-over appeal thanks to his experience in both modeling and acting. Also, Northcutt has an excellent record in his professional MMA career with six wins and no losses. All of his fights — four in Legacy Fighting Championship, one in Fury Fighting, and one in UFC — were finishes, with only one of them going past round one (in which that fight was finished in the second round).

All in all, Sage Northcutt is worthy of being the talk of the town, the featured newbie of UFC, and everything else in between. It would only make sense that Northcutt would earn some naysayers, especially Kevin Lee. Apparently, Lee claims Northcutt will have the shortest career the UFC has known. However, Lee surely took it up a notch by playing the race card out as well.

Sage Northcutt

According to MMA Junkie, Kevin Lee was a phone guest on MMA Junkie Radio and made his opinions known about Sage Northcutt. Apparently, Lee is not impressed. Not only that, Lee also believes if Northcutt were to fight him, he would win within the first round.

“If Sage wants to fight, I think Sage shuts down after the first round. I think as soon I get in there, hit him a couple of times, he shuts down. I don’t think this kid has ever been through anything.

“I think a lot of other fighters feel that. They won’t say sh-t, but I will. We can settle it right now. I hope he’s listening in so he can hear me – he can hear what I’m saying about him. I’m going to call Joe as soon as I get off the phone with you guys. We can do it at 194. 194, here in Vegas, biggest fight card of the year. He’ll live the shortest career that the UFC has known.”

However, some people took note that Kevin Lee played the race card on Sage Northcutt during his call-in. True, it could have been said to simply hype the fight, but it was a statement which could leave a sour taste in the mouths of those hearing him.

“I just know he’s a rich, privileged white boy, and as soon as he gets in there and gets hit and sees some adversity thrown into his face, I think he’s going to crumble. I think I’m a better striker than him. I damn sure know I’m a better wrestler than him, so I think I can beat him everywhere.”

By making such a statement, Kevin Lee has already hyped up a future fight between himself and Sage Northcutt. The Mayweather Boxing Channel jumped on the opportunity to hear directly from Lee, as they followed-up with an interview, reported MMA News. In the interview, Lee actually clarified his intentions to take on Northcutt because he finds it unsettling that Northcutt is untested in UFC but he is already being idolized. Lee had to work hard to earn his place in UFC, especially with four wins after he suffered his first loss against Al Iaquinta at UFC 169: Barao vs. Faber II. That fight was also his UFC debut.

As for clarification, Kevin Lee stood his ground that Sage Northcutt is a “rich white boy” and that is what the MMA community wants to see. Lee believes UFC will “spoon feed” him as much as possible before he is introduced to a real fight. Given the fact Northcutt has the look and means to sell, Lee might just have a point.

[Image via Kevin Lee’s Personal Facebook]