‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Coming Back! Show Gets Revived by Netflix

Huge news is out and Gilmore Girls is coming back. That is right! This show, that has recently been airing reruns on UP, will be returning and it is coming to Netflix. This is not the first show they have brought back and probably won’t be the last either. Hollywood Life shared the news today that Gilmore Girls will be returning once again, but it will not be a full season order, at least not yet.


Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will write new episodes, but that is not the best part. It has been confirmed that several fan favorites from Gilmore Girls will be returning. The show would not be the same without the original Gilmore Girls cast and they will be bringing in several of them. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson are all expected to be back, which of course will make this Gilmore Girls reboot amazing.

So what will you be getting to see? Gilmore Girls will return with four mini-movies that will each be 90 minutes long. Netflix normally reveals an entire season at once, but so far they are not sharing if Gilmore Girls will work the same way or if they have plans to just post each one of them one at a time. Gilmore Girls fans everywhere are rejoicing and can’t wait for this to come back.

TV Line shared that viewers will finally get to hear those four final words that have haunted Gilmore Girls fans for years. The show is still in the very early stages and they are working on negotiations at this time. At this time Netflix and Warner Bros. are refusing to speak out, but sources say that exec producer Daniel Palladino will also be back for the new Gilmore Girls. This would give Sherman the chance to end the show the way that she always wanted. Fans of Gilmore Girls remember that she wasn’t around for the final season and things were just not the same without her. Everyone has wanted to see how Sherman would end Gilmore Girls if she had her way about it and that is finally what is going to happen. This summer Sherman did mention that if it came about and was right she would do more with Gilmore Girls.

“It would have to be the right everything — the right format, the right timing. If it ever happened, I promise we’ll do it correctly. The beauty of Gilmore, and the beauty of family-relationship shows, is you never really run out of story. You’re going to battle your family until you’re all in the ground. Those things never resolve, doesn’t matter how much therapy you get. Ten years later, there’s still going to be [material] there to mine and to delve into.”

Gilmore Girls started back in 2000 and the final season aired in 2006 on The CW. Now almost 10 years later, the show Gilmore Girls is finally coming back at a point where a lot of fans thought it would never really happen. TV Line actually shared that Amy Sherman-Palladino had the four final words for the show planned from the very start. She always knew the Gilmore Girls ending, but of course since she wasn’t the writer on the final season, nobody ever got to hear them. Now, Amy will finally get to share those final four words with fans and they can’t wait to see how it all ends up.


Are you excited to hear that Gilmore Girls is coming back for four more short movies to Netflix? This is going to give fans some closure and this should be the final ending of the show. At this time, there is no actual date for when Gilmore Girls return will happen.

[Picture Source Jason Kempin/Getty Images]