Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Return Dates For Dez Bryant And Tony Romo Coming Up Sooner Than Expected

The Dallas Cowboys are in a dire situation right now as they sit at 2-3 and coming out of the bye week with a match-up with the New York Giants looming. Their season is not over by any means, but something needs to be done, and that includes some offensive starters being switched out for back-ups. It also is good news that injured wide receiver Dez Bryant and injured quarterback Tony Romo could return sooner than originally expected.

It was rumored a couple of weeks ago that Dez Bryant could return from injury as early as Week 7. The broken bone in his foot appears to be having no setbacks, and it certainly does seem now as if he may be back for this week’s game against the Giants.

The Christian Post is saying that even while having surgery for the injury he suffered in Dallas’ first game this season with the Giants, he may be ready to hit the field again. His presence in a game could greatly improve the mere 18.5 points per game that the Cowboys have averaged since he went out.

Bryant did return to the field last Thursday and did some light rehab work. Everything seemed to be alright, but the Cowboys do not want to rush him back and risk further injury or re-injuring his foot yet again.

Should he come back against the Giants, expect limited time on the field and short pass plays that won’t put him in harm’s way.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo return

Now, Tony Romo will not be returning to play against the Giants, and he won’t be back in October either. Still, there is a good chance that the Cowboys’ starting quarterback could be back before the end of November when the crucial December games are about to begin.

According to the Centro Times, Romo may be healed up enough by the Cowboys game against the Miami Dolphins on November 22. If not then, the Cowboys do play again a few days later at home for a Thanksgiving Day contest against the Carolina Panthers.

Romo suffered a broken left clavicle in late September, and the Cowboys have lost three straight games with Brandon Weeden leading the team. Now, a change is coming, as Matt Cassel will be taking over as the starter until Romo returns.

Dallas Cowboys rumors Matt Cassel

Cassel isn’t expected to end up beginning a quarterback competition for the Cowboys, but they’re hoping he can salvage the season before Romo returns. Some have thought that Romo’s inability to get to the Super Bowl and a few injuries over the past couple seasons have soured the Cowboys on him, but that isn’t so.

Jerry Jones won’t be getting rid of Tony Romo. Right now, the only hope is that he does end up coming back while there’s still time left in the regular season and that the Cowboys are at a point where the season still means something.

The Dallas Cowboys have dealt with plenty of issues already this season, and they still have at least another month with their starting quarterback. Still, a switch to Matt Cassel and possible return by Dez Bryant could spark something and get them out of the losing streak they are currently in.

Dez Bryant’s return isn’t confirmed, but it’s happening soon. Tony Romo’s return is a little further off, but it’s coming soon too. The Dallas Cowboys are simply hoping that there is still something to play for in this season by the time their stars are back on the field.

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