'Ladies Of London' Marissa's Shade Throwing Incident With Caroline Fleming -- It's Not Over

Though Ladies of London's Caroline Fleming was stoic at the bowling outing when Marissa Hermer took a joke way too far, she is not ready to drop it if there is another peep out of Hermer suggesting that Fleming is a pedophile. Not only was Hermer tone deaf to the silence of the other Ladies of London, but she put Caroline Fleming's relationship with her family at risk.

According to the Inquisitr, Ladies of London's Caroline Fleming is kind of a rock star in Europe in her own right, before the Bravo series. Caroline Fleming was a new addition to the series to replace Noelle Reno, but she has a much bigger presence in the U.K. and Europe than most. Fleming was born a Baroness to one of Denmark's oldest families, and has hosted and/or participated in several reality series. She is divorced from Rory Fleming, nephew of Ian, with whom she has two children, and has a third from another relationship with a footballer.

Fashion & Style is reporting that the issue will continue tonight on Ladies of London. It seems Caroline Fleming has put everyone on warning that if Marissa said one more word, she was going to straighten her out. The ladies are going on another outing to the Montage estate, Mapperton, where they will enjoy a day of shooting.
"After a long day of shooting, the women prepare for a beautiful dinner. While taking a bubble bath together, Julie brings up Marissa's fight with Caroline. Julie explains that Juliet Angus told her that if Marissa brings up the cougar comment again, Caroline is going to 'let [Marissa] have it.' "
Instead of owning the embarrassing comments, when warned, she becomes emboldened.

"If you pick a fight with me, let the games begin," Marissa said.

Um, nope, you picked the fight, not Caroline Fleming.

The core of the issue is that Caroline Fleming was truly hurt and shocked by Marissa's vulgarity. Fashion & Style says that Fleming was really offended. Joking that the women should "lock up their children" because Fleming was dating a 30-year-old man really stung.

"I was put off by Marissa's comments, because they are unattractive, unnecessary, and unkind," Caroline said. "I don't believe in making judgements, and I believe in kindness and goodness and allowing your inside to reflect your outside."

It seems rather impossible that the women will ever be able to mend this rift, as is was also indicated that soon after, Caroline's new relationship with the younger man ended.

"I am both surprised and also slightly put off by what Marissa says and also how she just keeps going on and on about it -- very ungraceful and far away from what I believe in. I believe in goodness and kindness all around, I believe in generosity of spirit. Unkind comments often come from unhappy place and I wish everyone well... "
Fleming believes that age doesn't matter, and frankly, it was all none of Marissa's business. Fleming told Bravo that the behavior was unattractive and unkind, and it seems like fans agree, and most of them are supporting Fleming. She reports that she is no longer seeing the guy in question, but they are both still friends.

Will you be watching Ladies of London tonight?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]