‘Halloween’ Is Alive And Well At The Myers House Replica In NC [Video]

Halloween lives and breathes in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where a real-life replica of the scary Myers house from the Halloween slasher films is actually someone’s home.

Kenny Caperton is most likely the biggest fan ever of the Halloween movies, and on seeing the Myers family home in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror/slasher classic, decided to go to the trouble of recreating it as his own home. While the original Myers house used in the gory movies is actually located in California, it now has a pretty much identical twin sitting up in North Carolina.

Caperton tried without success to locate the blueprints of the original home, which was built in 1888. He decided to go ahead anyway, and after making the façade a reasonable facsimile of the original, he then used the film to faithfully create the interior as best he could. He did make the interior a little more livable than the original but reportedly kept the corridors in the house just as tight and claustrophobic as those in the film.


According to Atlas Obscura, Caperton first got the idea to build a replica of the Myers House from the Halloween films back in 2008 while taking a break from house hunting in North Carolina to take a vacation in Los Angeles.

Caperton and his then girlfriend, Emily, went to visit the original Myers House, which is actually a historical landmark in South Pasadena. As soon as Caperton saw the house, he fell in love and knew what he wanted for his own home.


He told io9, “We loved the look of the house, not only that it was the Michael Myers house, but it was also the size we were looking for, and we loved the architectural details.”

It was then that he tried to find the original blueprints but failed.

While keeping it as close as possible to the original, the interior décor is a little different, as Caperton and his wife live in the house, but they have dedicated an entire bookshelf alcove to the owner’s awesome collection of Halloween memorabilia, including the scary masks from the third installment of the scary slasher films, Halloween III: Season of the Witch.


The Capertons have reproduced Judith’s room, the hallways, staircase, and the locations of the living room, dining room, and kitchen in the same position as they are in the real Myers House from Halloween.

However, the original home had no bathrooms and only four tiny bedrooms upstairs, so the Capertons had to make a change to keep the place livable. They now live comfortably in their Myers House replica along with their two cats, Loki and Siva.


On the couple’s website, it explains how Kenny Caperton had always been fascinated with everything to do with Halloween, especially while growing up with the 80s slasher films on late night cable TV.

It says it was particularly the “blank pale face of serial killer Michael Myers” that stuck with him the most. According to Caperton, his favorite film to this day is still the original 1978 movie Halloween.


Because of this, instead of having “just another cookie cutter starter home,” the Capertons instead have a custom-made tribute to a classic horror movie.

The Myers House NC is, apparently, available for use as a filming location and has already appeared in a few films, mainly of the horror variety. Once such short slasher movie is included below.

Before you all rush out to see the house this coming Halloween, the Capertons do say that they welcome visitors, but by appointment only.

[Image: Original Myers House from Halloween courtesy Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0 Brian Wilkins]